Zethyr Exchange Review: 89/100

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Zethyr Exchange is a decentralized exchange that distributes 100% of its revenue to the community. All revenue on the exchange is distributed weekly via EcoPower.


Currently it's trading pairs are WIN/TRX, BTT/TRX, USDT/TRX, and 888/TRX. Zethyr also allows you to store your funds in your wallet at all times besides matching and settlement which provides much higher security.

Zethyr also has 0 trading fees and allows you to stake ZTR in order to receive Trading Power and daily free trading quota. In other words it has a 0.1% fee without the free trading quota. One of the lowest out there.

Zethyr also has trading competitions going on which featured BTT, Wink, Tether, and right now they have a trading competition with 888 Tron.


Below you can see the total amount of tokens locked, and you can see that the current mining difficulty on Zethyr exchange is currently 7,300 TRX of trade value. This exchange rate for Zethyr token is likely to increase in the future which should increase future dividends.

The idea of a decentralized exchange giving back profits to it's users is a revolutionary idea, and they seem ahead of the curve by already acquiring some of the largest trading pairs on Tron.

From their WhitePaper:

"Traders can enjoy free daily trading quota by staking their ZTR to TradingPower. Without the free trading quota, the transaction fee is 0.1 percent, one of the most competitive fees out there.

The competitive fee encourages more trades on the platform while provides financial incentive for ZTR holders to grow the community. "

"ZTR holders can enjoy daily dividends by converting their ZTR to EcoPower. 100 percent of the exchange revenue is distributed weekly via dividends."


The current dividends in the pool is only 1,636 Tron, but keep in mind that there is no gambling involved in using this site. You can simply use this site like normal trading, but always earn back a portion of that Tron.

I think if they can offer a great user experience, then there is no reason why you shouldn't try and use this exchange instead of other exchanges out there that offer no profit sharing at all.

Also, as they continue to add more trading pairs on the site, it's obvious that the dividend pool will increase from here. This seems to only be the beginning for Zethyr exchange because they only launched recently.

Above is an example of what they order book looks like.


The community over at Zethyr has been nice and helpful. Answering questions whenever they are awake.

I haven't seen any complaints in their Telegram yet as they launched recently, and there is a lot of excitement right now.

The trading competitions they are having with major Tron Dapps have brought them a lot of users, and it looks like their user base will only continue to grow. As the site gets more popular, the dividend pool will be more attractive to active traders.


Zethyr is a unique project in that it is a fee exchange by staking their ZTR to recieve Trading Power at a 1:1 ratio. Users trade like they would on any other DEX, but they also mine ZTR tokens based on their total trading volume.

This is a unique idea because most exchanges take fees from their users which can be around 0.2% or more of each transaction on their site. These fees can also add up to millions of dollars depending on the size of the exchange.

With Zethyr they want you to trade more on their site, so that you mine more ZTR, and in exchange you will get back the sites profits when converting their ZTR tokens to EcoPower at a 1:1 ratio.

There is no reason why you should trade on any other Tron based exchange if the user experience here continues to be great. Tron Trade takes fees from each trade, and Zethyr gives these same fees back to their most active users and largest traders.





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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz