DappStats & DST Token Sale is Live!

So the big news is finally here. Dapp Stats has launched! The token sale has already begun, and the on September 10th you will be able to freeze your DST tokens for dividends.

On September 20th we will have our first dividend payout in Tron for anyone freezing DST tokens.

We have come very far on this journey and we have a lot of community members to thank for making this such a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. We were able to successfully sell out of CPR tokens and we expect a strong DST token sale with a good chance that we might sell out again!

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First of all we have had a very fast growing Telegram community. We started with only a few hundred members back in April, and we have now accelerated the growth of our community to over 640 members in Crypto Paradise. We have also recently added 550 members into our Dapp Stats channel as well.

Growing and Active Community

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Many of our active community members know that we also have a strong partnership with Dapps.Buzz with Patric as the fearless leader. TronBuzz recently rebranded to Dapps.Buzz because they want to focus on building a bigger userbase.

Dapps.Buzz is a great partner for us at DappStats as it will be a great site where you can view in depth Dapp reviews, community news, DappsBuzz TV, Dapps.Buzz own radio station (CryptoRadio.FM) and more. In addition to this you will also be able to read a Dapp review and enjoy live data from Dapp Stats.

Dapps.Buzz: In Depth Reviews

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The picture below is a good visual guide to see just a few important dates. The Token sale and CPR holders airdrop is already complete, but coming up we can look forward to being able to freeze DST for Tron dividends. And on the 20th of September we will have the first TRX payout for DST holders.

Hitting All RoadMap Goals

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Also worth noting is that we decided to reduce the marketing budget from 10% to 5% and add the 5% towards the token sale, so that we can give the community more tokens.

Here is also a brief look at some of what we have achieved so far.


We have accomplished a lot so far in a short period of time. We have become a nearly bot-free telegram kicking out scammers as fast as we can. We have also given out over 1 million CPR tokens within the community in the form of staking rewards, games, contests, and more.

We also became one of the most active Telegram groups in the crypto space with an average of over 1,000 messages per day. We have also strived to create a strong community environment where our members are free to say most things and talk about the price of our tokens without just calling everything FUD and using that as an excuse.

DappStats Comparison

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This picture nearly says it all. At DappStats we want to have accurate statistics, support for multiple blockchains, user rated Dapp reviews through TronLink, a very active social media, and more.

We also have 3 key features that none of the current Dapp listing sites have so far which is that we are the only Dapp site with an active social media, we are the Dapp site with a reward token, and we are the only Dapp site that will share its revenue with token holders.

Dapp Blockchains

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We will start off listing Tron and Ethereum Dapps, but by Q3 of 2019 we will have already started listing EOS and IOST Dapps on our site.

By Q4 of 2019 we should have Dapps from Ontology and Zilliqa listed on our site. And we will continue to add more blockchains in order to improve our site and work towards our goal of becoming the number #1 Dapp listing site on the market.

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There is a lot more that we can build at Paradise, and we will have more projects to come. DappStats is going to be a very strong first project.

We are here for the long-term. We want the DappStats and CryptoParadise community to continue to grow quickly, so that we can all benefit greatly together.

Revenue Potential

This is what is going to make DappStats the number #1 Dapp listing site over time. 50% of all advertising, Tron referral and partnership revenue will be added to the dividend pool for Dapp Stats token holders.

We have a 1,000% more active social media presence to help both users and developers communicate with us about our platform, and we can use this to continue to grow the community.

Also, $6,000 per week is the average amount that other Dapp analytic sites make from their advertisement spots, so we will be sharing this revenue weekly.

On top of all this great information though, we also know that 250,000 TRX per week is the average amount other Dapp Analytic sites make from Tron Dapp referrals. These numbers could actually be much higher. When we made these predictions we were using conservative numbers.

Sustainable Model of Dividends

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The dividends with Dapp Stats should not stop because of these models above.

In the picture above, the user will browse Dapps, find the one he/she wants, follow the link, play or use the Dapp, and then a portion of that Referral amount will be given back to DST token holders. This is basically a never ending cycle that will benefit the Dapp players and the DST token holders with minimal effort needed.

On the other side of the image, a Dev team will advertise their DApp on our website to get more exposure. The user will find this Dapp with accurate and live data, visit the Dapp and reward the Developer with additional revenue which they will then likely want to use a portion of that to advertise on our site once again.

This will also be a continuous cycle that will continue to reward DST token holders with every advertised DApp and users that are playing a certain Dapp.

There is a lot going on here at Paradise and it is up to all of us to help to keep this community strong so we can all benefit from a solid and long-lasting Dapp site. The best of it's kind.

Paradise is only the beginning, there is more to this story. The journey has just begun. We will work hard to provide new profit sharing opportunities for you along the way. Of course, as always our CPR and DST token holders will always benefit.

DappStats: Fast and Mobile Friendly

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Also, keep in mind that Dapp Stats has a mobile version that works extremely well. This is a smooth, fast, and responsive website with tons of valuable data from all your favorite Dapps. We will be one of the only Dapp sites with well made mobile version.

Token Sale is Now Live

Thank you for taking the time to join us and I can't believe that DappStats is finally here!!!

DappStats.com is now live!!!

You can buy DST tokens using TronLink, TronWallet, GuildChat, MathWallet and more on our website or with your mobile device.