Frag Token- Dapp of the Week: 84/100

Frag Token is one of the most popular deflationary currencies on Tron. There are 3 key points about Frag. Frag token has a 10 million initial supply, it has a 1% transfer burn, and it is Dapp compatible.

Bomb token which came out on Ethereum a few months ago was given the name as the world’s first deflationary currency, but Bomb token is not Dapp compatible like Frag token.

Bomb token launched at about $0.57 and within one month it had already reached $13. About a 2,280% increase.

The extreme popularity of Bomb token was most likely the inspiration for Frag and Void token, two popular deflationary currencies on Tron.


With Frag token you can currently play their Dapps they have created on their site. They started out with Frag Box and Frag Toss, but they have since added Frag Bonds, Frag Dice, Frag Raffle, and Frag Goo has recently been released.

When you play Frag Box and Frag Toss, you simply deposit Frags from your TronLink into their Dapps and check to make sure you have adequate Energy and Bandwith in your TronLink.


Frag Box is a simple way to stake your Frag tokens. Frag Toss on the other hand is a risk based game where you can bet your Frags in order to try and gain more.


This is a current update on the total number of remaining frags right now. There are currently about 9,325,613 remaining Frags when I took this picture yesterday.

The more Dapps that are played on Fragtoken, the more Frag tokens will be burned. There are already 6 Dapps on Frag Token, an impressive amount for a token that only came out a few months ago.


As you play the Dapps on Frags and as people transfer their Frags out of their wallet, the Frags will have a 1% burning feature that will slowly deplete the supply.

As the number of Frags decreases, the value of the Frag tokens should increase, but it is not guaranteed.


There are only two deflationary tokens on Tron right now that have the largest communities behind them, which are currently Frag and Void token.

However, Frag has recently put themselves in the lead in my opinion by releasing a couple of quick and easy to play Dapps like Frag Box, Frag Dice, and Frag Goo.

Frag Goo was based on the very popular DApp Tron Goo, so creating this game with the added benefit of burning the supply of Frag tokens was a really creative move.


You can buy or sell Frag tokens here: on TronWatch

Join Frag Goo here

Find more info for Frag Token: Twitter

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