God’s Unchained/The Best Action Card Game on ETH: Review: 88/100

God’s Unchained is currently one of the most popular trading card games out there on the market and also likely the most popular card game in all of cryptocurrency right now.

God’s Unchained is a card game similar to Hearth Stone or Magic the Gathering. Both of these card games have a lot of followers as because they are action based card games. You play a card and you will get some kind of voice-over or animation as the card is played.


Here is a short video demonstration about how to play the game:

God's Unchained launched their pre-sale about 8-9 months ago with a goal of $1.6 million dollars to be the first blockchain E-sports card game with a massive following as well as incredibly large prize for their world championship.

On their site you can see that "10% of pack sales go directly to the first Gods Unchained World Championship, with a $1.6M goal." As the game grows in popularity and more card packs are sold, the tournament prize pool will grow which will attract more players to their game. Basically a win-win situation for anyone interested in this game.


The Tournament Prize Pool has continued to grow drastically since the pre-sale. It was $200k for the prize pool a few months ago.

You will need to have a MetaMask wallet installed or other ERC-20 compatible wallet to play the game. It is probably easiest to stick with the most supported Dapp wallet on Ethereum.

Here is a link to installing a MetaMask wallet if you don't already have one. https://metamask.io Also, be careful to make sure you are MetaMask from a legitimate site.

Once, you have a MetaMask wallet installed you will want to purchase some of the available card packs until you have a full deck to play the game.

The rare cards start at just 0.012 ETH for the card pack and go all the way up to the Shiny Legendary card packs at 1 ETH each. Each card pack only comes with a total of 5 cards so you'll need to purchase a few card packs in order to be able to play the game.


Different card packs will have better cards and also a higher chance and unlocking some of the mythic titans which have sold for

In order to compete in God’s Unchained you need to purchase a trading card pack and use that trading card pack to play short 10–30 min. but fast-paced battles against other players. Different card packs are more expensive, but are also statistically more likely to have higher value cards.

Here are some of the Mythic Titans.

Buying more cards and more expensive card packs will allow you to be lucky for a chance to win one of these Mythic Titans which would be a huge boost in your ability to defeat other players. As you can see from the picture above, 3 of the Mythic Titans have already been discovered. And the Hyperion card has been sold for $62,000.

Here’s an example of what some of the cards look like. As well the shiny cards are worth slightly more. Different cards within the game obviously have different animations and abilities when played. The better your card playing strategy against your opponent, the more likely you are victorious.

This image shows all the different aspects that make God's Unchained a successful card game with tons of incentives to continue playing.


God's Unchained has one of the busiest Discord channels out there right now with tons of messages going through everyday. I believe this has been a well thought out game and it has an active community because even though the final version of the game isn't out, the Beta is working very well and there are dozens of YouTube videos to prove this.

God's Unchained has progressed well with their Roadmap nicely over the last 8-9 months, so I will be looking forward to the tournaments starting soon! Until then, get practicing and prepare the beginning of this global tournament!


Furthermore you can buy or sell God’s Unchained cards on the OpenSea: https://opensea.io/assets/gods-unchained The OpenSea is a useful site to buy other Ethereum in game assets from other players.

Visit their website God’s Unchained here to get in the game: Join the Action Here

Discord: Link to Discord

Also, keep in mind you need to have a MetaMask or other similar Ethereum desktop wallet in order to play the game such as Trust Wallet. MetaMask

Also, visit here to see some FAQ’s about God’s Unchained: https://godsunchained.com/info/faq

Thanks for reading!