CryptoSpace Commanders Review: 87/100

Crypto Space Commanders is a blockchain based game on ETH where you buy starships, mine asteroids, battle other players in high octane action, and build the ultimate war fleet to rule the galaxy.

Here is a quick video to show you what is working so far and the fact that they have already had some Pre-Alpha missions.


In Crypto Space Commanders you can buy unique starships which are all ERC-721 tokens which you can hold in a MetaMask wallet. Different starships have unique attributes which allow them to more effectively mine for more resources, have more attacking power or some warships which will have better maneuverability.


Unique starships that are customizable as well as the ability to travel the galaxy to mine nearby asteroids and more make this into an addictive game.

You'll be able to travel to different star systems, battle other players, and trade your ship when you want to upgrade to something else.


One of the things that separates this CSC game from others is what is known as the permanent loss feature. According to the game there will be certain parts of space which will be safe (Core Space) and certain parts which will be Fringe Space (lawless). Further, there will be resources in both regions, but the greatest wealth will come from Fringe space where commanders can risk it all for much greater wealth.

Also, Crypto Space Commanders plans to be a huge game with other 900 planned star systems. The game wants to have high replay-ability due to the vastness of the areas to explore.


CryptoSpace Commanders has a large and very active Discord community, and they often giveaway in-game items during their livestreams.

With CryptoSpace Commanders you are looking at one of the few blockchain space games where you can currently fly your ship around just for fun while at the same time possibly encountering an enemy during your casual flight.

This is a great community that will promote content creators efforts and encourage them in order to give this game more attention.


Crypto Space Commanders has to be the most popular blockchain space game right now as this U.S.S. RIO Grande spacecraft, one of the spacecrafts from the Star Trek collection is currently on auction for 505 Ethereum, or approximately $107,000.

This sale has been wildly successful so far as they continue to raise more funds to make this an even better game.

You can also buy spaceships like this and a whole lot more on the OpenSea.


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