Buy DappStats token for daily dividends in Tron, ETH, IOST, and more.

Dapp Stats divs are now paying out, the token sale is live, and the number of people using DappStats on a daily basis has increased tremendously since launch.

It's time to start playing Dapps. We already have nearly 2k Dapps tracked and we of course will be adding more. We may have less than Dapp Radar or Dapp Review right now, but that's because we are trying our best not to list any dead Dapps.

Also, it is a good idea to use our stats and data to decide if it's the right time to invest in a Dapp. As you can see the data for FragGoo below, FragGoo has been strong recently with 9,867 transactions in the last 24 hours.

Also be sure to sign in with your TronLink and use our rating feature to give these Dapps a rating. Rating Dapps helps users make better decisions about whether to invest or avoid a certain Dapp.

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Get a share of 50% of all the revenue from DappStats, referral links and advertising. Keep in mind that the div pool is likely to grow as we gain popularity and attention.

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The daily payout in Tron is 10% of the current div pool. We made it this way so that the div pool will likely only continue to rise from here on it's way to 100k plus Tron in the div pool. Hopefully sometime soon.

If you already have some DST then make sure you freeze them for daily divs in Tron by hitting the freeze button in the picture above.

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DappStats currently offers more than Dapp Review and Dapp Radar and once we become more popular soon, we will likely be the front-runners in the Dapp listing space.

It will still take us at least a few months from now or longer before we become big competition to Dapp Radar and Dapp Review, but we are also the only Dapp listing site right now sharing our revenue with our users.

At DappStats we will have multiple blockchain listings soon and also pay in these currencies. It might be time to start getting comfortable with Ethereum, EOS, and IOST Dapps if you haven't played any of them yet.

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We will be listing IOST and EOS Dapps as early as November of this year. We will be adding more popular blockchains as needed. Likely including Ontology and Zilliqa Dapps if those blockchains have active Dapp communities.

If you think DappStats will have a bright future, then now is the time to click on the token sale icon and buy some tokens. There will only ever be 100 million DST created. This is also the same supply TronBet used to have when there tokens were worth over 30 TRX each, and right now we are selling DST tokens for 1 TRX each.

In order to buy DST tokens you must be signed in with TronLink or other Tron mobile wallets like Guild Chat or Math Wallet. As long as you are already signed into TronLink you will be able to access the full features of DappStats when you visit the site.

It's time to sign into DappStats and start playing Dapps. DappStats is the only Dapp listing site that will share revenue with it's users right now.


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