NoleLegends SOLD OUT

There is this project where I went contacted two weeks ago. And they told me about the Nolecoin, a Game, and something about Charity. And except the Nolecoin, where I didn't watch into it until then, Charity and Game sounded already umz umz chakalaka! But I was so busy with all the stuff we had here on DApps.Buzz, that I nearly missed this project. And from a selfish perspective, I have to say wow, happy I could make it. But for the community, sorry I was late. Or no, let's not take this responsibility: They were way too fast!

A lot of people invested in this project, 235 in numbers, ensuring themselves also access to the beta gameplay. I could buy a few seeds like 5 minutes before the pop up was there telling me finito. And I wanted to take a screenshot before because I loved the interface and the seeds. So, but I'm just talking like an excited little girl, take a look at this video here from MaxDapp, he introduces well:

Now, what's next? Guyver, a very active community member of, … Just every community I've ever seen … Told me that the next steps would be a sale tomorrow - No time given, but join their telegram and stay informed. After we reached the soft, and hard cap there, tomorrow the remaining seeds can be bought. It's not much anymore, so hurry up if you want to join the game as soon as it launches. DApps.Buzz will be there to write a review since we're into the beta now.

And Also October comes with sporty tasks, let's see if they can keep up at this pace. I would love to see such a TamagotchipokemonRPGonlinecryptochaincharitygame. Because I love all of them. What about you?