Wink Sports betting in full throttle

Bet on a wide variety of sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, and a lot more.

With Wink online sports betting just got a lot easier and faster. You can choose to bet on live events, or you can choose to bet a few days or even weeks in advance.

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Clicking on a sport takes you to a page where you quickly and easily decide how much you want to bet. You will need to place this Tron in your Live wallet before you are able to place a bet. Just taking a look at the top of the picture above you can see all the different sports you can bet on. This includes Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Tennis, Hockey, MMA, and a lot more.

The number of sports and events you can choose from is very extensive and they seem to be adding more events that you can bet on, on a regular basis. Several different sports to choose from make this a great addition to Wink.

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The other really cool feature of Wink is that you are able to view the odds as they change throughout the game. For example, if the Giants fumble the ball on the first play of the game the odds will change and you will then be able to bet with the new odds.

Often, you can use this to your favor if you know that a team can't win without a certain player on the field.

Also, with Wink you can't forget that they still have E-gaming ongoing which includes games like Dice, Moon, and Ring. In addition, they have Live Poker, Black Jack, and Roulette as well.

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Below are some of current live tables open for Wink Roulette. I wonder if people might spend more on these games because of attractive women being shown.

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All Wink Live games that you play will entitle you to Live tokens which you can freeze for daily dividends. If you want to get started on Wink, you need to add or recharge your Live Wallet balance before you are able to place any bets. This should only take a few minutes or less.

If you are going to bet with Wink, only risk what you can afford to lose. I like betting on sports games because it takes more skill than rolling a dice hoping for better odds, but don't let that trick you into thinking that the odds are completely in your favor.

Recently the Giants were about an 6.1-2.2 in favor of losing to the Buccaneers, but the new starting quarterback of the Giants, Daniel Jones had a great debut in the NFL and won a huge game for them.

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