MegaCryptoPolis Dapp of the Week Review: 86/100

MegaCryptoPolis is a building game where you acquire a land plot token, construct and upgrade buildings, and collect Ether each day by being in charge of a district where you collect taxes.


This is a good 7 minute video explaining some of the basics of how to play the game. This video is a little over 1 year old so there have been a lot of additions to the game since then, including a new 3D layout and an updated website.

One of the best features about MegaCryptoPolis is that on their homepage they will display all the recent transactions. They also have MegaPolis news which will let you see all the transactions and sort by date.


The thing that makes CryptoMegapolis such a good game to play is that every plot of land on the decentralized city map is an ERC-721 token that can easily be stored in a user's wallet. This ensures ownership and prevents fraud.

Also, there is a hard-coded price which rises on every single block of land sold. Whenever someone buys a block of land, part of that payment is distributed amongst block owners surrounding the 7x7 field.

In addition, every action in your district brings you Ether as district owners receive part of the Ether spent by players in their districts. The total amount of Ether depends on the tax which can be adjusted by the owner.


CryptoMegapolis now can be viewed in 3D, and the demo of the 3D version is now up and running.

With CryptoMegapolis there is a lot going on which will improve the dynamics of how the game is played over time. You can see more about all the features they plan on adding in this 3D Roadmap.

This game is unique and currently has a lot of features being added regularly, if they are able to follow through with everything this game could be even more popular than it is right now.

The 3D demo has started. The driving mode has also begun which will allow you to drive around the city, choose buildings that you want to purchase, and more. MegaCryptoPolis 3D Demo also runs in any browser and on mobile for IOS and Android using a Dapp wallet browser.

Moreover, they are exploring adding new chains to their site in order to expand their audience and allow the land to be more valuable if they receive divs in EOS or IOST for example.

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MegaCryptopolis is one of those games that already has a pretty good sized audience. Their Discord channel already has over 1,500 members. Their Telegram has 4,500 members, and they also have some pretty good articles on their Medium page which explain how to play the game and additional features in more depth.

With their 3D version and plans to make this an even bigger Dapp coming soon, this is sure to continue to be a very popular Dapp and one of the only city building games with a large community right now.





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