You're not an Investor.

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Hey Community! Long-time no see! Well, a lot happened in the meantime. Especially for DApps.Buzz. What busy weeks we will face now that we have our timeline ready. It's the first "Talking Gonzo" article, where DApps.Buzz Authors can enjoy creative freedom. As long they write what I told them to write! Just kidding, but yes, you can look at this "new" category as an editorial, like we had before, called "Tronzo" back in time, as we were Tron focussed. And I was also super productive in gaming DApp Games so that I can write about them. But before I start, I have to share something that I experienced and find funny: Investors. Or, people who think they are…

Creative Freedom: Listen to the sound I'm writing to :)

I see a generation shift, not as we've seen before, but very different. The transition into digital life, globally-connected, is what generations after me are encountering. My age was the one that built it. My generation is also the one that came up with "fake it till you make it." And even if I never was a fan of this concept, I admit that I can understand in a few topics, if you do it, to get to a goal. But today we have a generation of super-smart people, smarter than we all can imagine. But also an age of fakers. The whole Instagram models movement flipped over to the blockchains. People are calling themselves crypto investors without even knowing how to run their wallets. People are calling themselves investors because they're into Ponzi ROI games. People are calling themselves investors because they gamble. And last but not least, no single one of those self-called "whales" funded more than a few hundred bucks (to exaggerate a bit…).

And here is the moment we have to come back to reality together. If you feel like I'm talking to you, then let me explain to you what a bunch of investors does if they invest in a project: They invest in the project. I mean not only money, but also ideas, time, and effort. The investors around me wouldn't think about them as investors if they chose to gamble into an ROI or another Ponzi. And they don't cry around when they lose money in such gambling schemes. They knew the risks. It was gambling. But if it comes down to real investment, then they don't just know about the dangers, but also about the possibilities. They push it forward to those possibilities and take an active part to support the outcome of the project.

But also the project team has to recognize this. In the last few months, I've seen a lot, really a lot, of communities where you can enter to ask questions about the project, but instantly get dissed. And I don't see why this is evolving in this direction right now. After a few words then, it opens up usually. One of the critical factors of every project is communication in every possible meaning, but especially towards the community. It's what we need in every DApp project out there.

Customers, and community, because everything is more interactive over the world: Isn't this wonderful?

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz