You're a blockchain Legend.

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Yesterday you were not an Investor in our "Talking Gonzo" category, but today you're a Blockchain Legend for our "Community News." How weird! But it's true. While other News sites love to write about the China Cryptocurrency speculations and Amid Blockchain hypes, the blockchain legends among us are super excited about what happened until now, and what's up next. Two days away from the community organized Halloween event. They didn't only make impactful noises all way down the blockchains, they collected the best prices from actual projects around the world, and what they have now, is a prize pool never seen in this DApp universe. And by doing this, they gave Robominer a real use-case and purpose, which the project completely lacked before. Just a side-effect of a community working together and making a tangible impact on the blockchain universe. So big thanks to the organizer team Guyver and Erika for taking the lead here, creating something unique - Guts and skills: Legends!

I mention the Halloween Event because it's shortly ending, and yeah, if you didn't take a look into it, you're missing something phenomenal going on. Blockchain history and I'm directly there where it's happening. It just feels right, so if you want to be a part of it, now you're only in time to save your spot.

The Top 10 Token holders have not only collected Pumpkins until now but also Dappstats Tokens (DST), which are the key for collecting dividends out of real services. And of course, the best DApps statistics site out there. Take a look at what they are going to win:

But also the other ranks have great prizes coming in:

But now I need to talk about something that is the reason, to begin with, this post! It's NoleLegends! Besides that, they're also giving away prizes in this event; the beta tests start tomorrow. And I'm in! And I will, pssst, tell you… I will leak every single pic out of the game and share them with you! I'm super excited about this, honored to be a part, and for everybody else that is not in the beta, there is also great news: Tomorrow also the P2P Market and Amordad Shop goes live! So stay tuned and take a look at this event. Join the community and be part of the movement.

And through the prize pool, I found Cropbytes, which I installed today. I encountered a supportive community that helped me into the game. Well, still a lot to find out, but the village there is super excited about the game, so I think the virus got me, and I can't wait to send out this article so I can dive into the game on my Android smartphone. Join the community right here.

And in this downline, I have to mention also Knightlands, which I'm also super excited to see how it develops. Knightlands was my first presale article, read it here if you didn't before. Knightlands seems to be a game for everyone. So make sure to join their community here.

I want to go back to exploring the blockchains. Let me know in the comments below, what excites you in the excellent blockchain universe. I would love to read your thoughts.

Thanks for reading, join the Halloween Event aaaand bye ;)

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz