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BetFury is a fast off-chain Tron casino with up to 25% cashback on your losses.

An off-chain Casino means that the bets take place on their site in a centralized way which some people may dislike, but this also allows them to handle much higher and faster bet volume on their site.

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This off-chain feature makes BetFury easily one of the fastest casinos around. They have a really fast dice game, plinko, circle, and crash. All of these games have jackpots attached to them as well making continuous bets around clock very likely.

BetFury currently has a very fast growing div pool at over 11 million TRX at the time of this writing.

This div pool has only been growing each day, and is now over 11 million TRX. The other day this div pool was still sitting at about 8 million Tron. The div pool is really likely to continue going up as they only payout 7% per day of the div pool.

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If you're convinced enough about BetFury, then click on this link to start playing BetFury:

Just a simple screenshot of Plinko here. If you get the Plinko letters light up below, then you will win a share of the jackpot currently sitting at about 1 million TRX last time I checked.

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This is a convenient feature where you can see the estimated profit per day of holding 100k BFG, or BetFury tokens. This expected payout has been climbing fast and has continued to go up every day so far.

Take a second to look at We have a fast growing community, a sustainable dividend model for any token holders, and we will be listing the newest Dapps to keep everyone informed.

We also have a unique Dapp voting system that will enable users to vote on their favorite Dapps, and downvote the ones that they have had bad experiences with.

BetFury is very unique in a few ways. Not only do they have some of the fastest games out there, but they also allow anyone to bet with just 0.10 TRX at a time and be able to win a share of a large jackpot.

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For example, anyone betting on dice here is eligible to win up to 10% or more of the jackpot.

If you're interested in buying DST tokens for a share of the dividends among the thousands of DApp players we have, then this token sale won't last for too long. Click on the Token Sale icon at the top of DappStats.

Make sure you are under DST link, and registered under the DappStats referral link to be able to get dividends from other Dapp players using DappStats links.

When you go to your referral cabinet on BetFury, your inviter should have this TRX address and then you will know you successfully registered under the DappStats link.

Please keep in mind that this is not financial advice, and please do your own research before investing.




From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz