TRX.LIFE Review: 64/100

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Trx.Life is a new Casino Platform which runs on the TRON Blockchain. It offers three house games – DICE, Lucky Wheel and Coin Flip and many slots. There is something for everyone. There is a twist though – the dice game is unique.

The Platform


The games on here are simple and well known in the Crypto gambling scene: DICE, Lucky Wheel & Coin Flip(+slots). There is not much that can go wrong with those types of games, well besides losing of course 😊 The question is: Why should I choose to play on TRX.LIFE, if there are alternatives out there? Then usually, it comes just down to usability. Which gambling site has the best usability?

Special fact about the DICE game: it doesn’t go from 0 to 99 but only from 0 to 77 – a lucky number. The maximum multiplier is also lower because of that – x75.46.

The main features of the project TRX Life include:

  1. Platform Dividend Model
    All funds received by the platform as a profit form a dividend pool and are distributed among project token holders. Distribution of funds from the dividend pool is conduct by a smart contract every 24 hours. In the DIVIDENDS section on the website, you can see a countdown timer till the next allocation of funds.
  2. Socialization of the platform:
    The ranking system allows users to increase their level in the system depending on the number of bets made. Online chat helps users discuss game strategy, project development, and expand, strengthen the TRX Life platform community. Multiplayer games will add a lot of emotions and increase involvement in the gameplay. A multi-level referral system will allow platform promoters to receive high rewards, attracting new users and players to increase their winnings.
  3. Jackpots system:
    ⁃ 5 largest players will receive a reward every 24 hours for the volume of their bets
    ⁃ An arbitrary bonus will be received by 20 lucky platform users every 24 hours.
  4. Auction system:
    Part of the dividend pool funds is transferred to the auction fund and are available for purchase for project tokens by auction participants. Cryptocurrency projects, releasing their token, in 95% of cases forget about the economic component of the token (tokenomics) and support for token holders.

Another distinctive feature of the TRX Life project is a well-thought tokenomics:

Playing on the platform not just for cryptocurrency TRX, but also for project tokens. Platform-derived tokens are burned, reducing the total number of tokens in circulation. All tokens obtained as a result of auctions are burned

The system of token buyback and burning. To reduce the total number of tokens in circulation and increase its liquidity, the project team will carry out the buyback of tokens on exchanges with subsequent burning. Information about purchased and burned tokens is available in the appropriate section.

All in all it seems like a promising platform which tends to be fair and simple to players. It still has a small community but with some good marketing and a great team it could have a bright future so start mining and test it out for yourself! Have fun :)

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz