Tron Lounge: 83/100

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What do you do when you join a crypto gambling market full of competition that already has everything? You build a lounge where people can explore small but impactful finesses as an addition to what we already know and enjoy.

And if you're not sure if this already works out, then throw a ton of prizes and rewards to the ladies and gentlemen taking a sit in your lounge. As simple as that. But do people out there recognize what's going on on this platform?

Let's go through this project. A bit of Lounge Music, by the way?

Gameplay: Simple, easy & fair.

The games on Tron Lounge are simple and well known in the Crypto gambling scene: Roulette & Dice. There is not much that can go wrong with those types of games. Well, not that it doesn't happen on a daily base, but in this case, I mean with the selection. The struggle begins with the characteristics of the game: Why should I choose to play Tron Longue's Roulette, if there are alternatives out there? Then usually, it comes just down to usability. Which gambling site has the best usability?

But in this case, I loved to play the Dice game. It's not just selecting if the roll is over or under a number, but you also have a bar that you can drag from both directions to choose a range. Which means more possibilities if you love to build in strategies into your gambling. Everything else is standard, as known. But the opportunity to play with numbers from a specific range, knowing the winning chances, was a great experience.

I also loved to play Roulette. And it didn't matter if on a big screen, or mobile, everything is very responsive and well designed. I was missing an auto bet feature here tho, which I could enjoy on the Dice side.

The rolls on Tron Lounge are using a provably fair system, which means that the operators can not manipulate the seed results. You can check this on your own:

Absolutely worth 9 out of 10.

Rewards: Fantastic concept, but a bit unclear.

Apart from the actual "Chips Battle," the reward system there feels overwhelming on the first visit. Oh, and speaking of this, if you're enjoying the Lounge music right now, don't forget to lower the volume as soon as you visit Tron Lounge: You will be thankful.

Back to the topic, we have a mining system, with the TronLounge Token (TLT), and an integrated ROI called Chips, which has a "Cards"-concept, with lifespans. CryptoSID from our partner site Dappstats has published a brief introduction to Tron Lounge, and for the rewards section, it's fantastic to understand what's all about:

The rewards system is, as you can see, excellent. It lacks a bit of description directly on the dashboard, where the whole action is going on. If you didn't look into Tron Lounge until now, you definitely should give it a try. Did I already mention the "Chips Battle" that is going on right now? Not sure…

Content: Work in progress …

Tron Longue lacks a bit of material at the moment. They have a well written white paper that tries to explain the whole concept. It works so far, but it's a bit basic.

I can see that a working system was the highest priority. And it worked out! They catch up with the "Chips Battle," which has an incredible pool size of 1,000,000 TRX.

And ladies and gentlemen, it's still going on!

Tron Lounge very active right now in terms of marketing, and the timespan as I began to look into it until now, shows that the online userbase increased. A lot going on.

Community: Incomiiiing …

The community is small and friendly, with a bit of something over 550 members, not a big one. Also, the activity is nearly not present. At the moment, we see most people joining, and a few asking questions. Admins then are always there to answer. Nothing more to say, let's join this community together and fill it with life:

The story with the Content and Community now is that I can't review them. In the actual state for a standing project, I would rate both categories around 50%. But because I see how much effort is going on since the launch, and I don't want to evaluate just three types out of five, I give 75%, the middle of 50%, and 100%. As soon as the "Chips Battle" is over, and people could find their comfortable chairs in this jovial lounge, I will come back and write an update. Promise.

Uniqueness: Dice finesse with Mining, Rewards & ROI

The built-in ROI with the lifespan, the dice finesse, and the many ways you can collect rewards on Tron Lounge make this project unique. 9 out of 10, end of the story.



And did I mention the "Chips Battle" event with a 1,000,000 TRX prize pool? Now I ran out of time, and you have to visit by yourself: Tron Lounge

See you in the Tron Lounge, and don't forget to turn off the volume…

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz