The mysterious launch of Just Game

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Just.Game is launching on December 22nd, and the hype started a long time ago. With just 4 days left until the launch, many are still wondering what it is and what kind of game it will be.

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Just.Game is from the creators of P3D, Fomo3D, 232 token, and more. P3D was their most successful game as far as I'm aware with a balance of over 11,000 ETH in the contract right now. You can view that here:

Fomo3D also got very popular when someone was able to successfully overload the contract and win a prize of over 10,000 ETH. Whether people tell you what actually happened and how the prize was won is still up for interpretation.

Team Just knows how to make games that are very addictive and get people excited. After the successful launch of P3D, there were hundreds of people going around creating videos of P3D and how successful of a contract it was.

The same thing happened with Fomo3D where hundreds of people were talking in their Discord nearly non-stop. Their Discord channel had over 3k members and it might have gone a lot higher than that.

If you visit their Twitter: you can see that TronLink is currently promoting them in a giveaway of 50,000 TRX. TronLink knows how big this game will be at launch.

Check the countdown on the website for the official launch time. This is just an informative article and not financial advice. Do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz