The HEX Chronicles: Il Ciarlatano.

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It's difficult, ladies and gentlemen, complicated. I mean, when does a scam start? And where does it end? Is not the whole human economy a scam? Or how can you explain that a country like Sierra Leone with the most precious resources of the world, is one of the poorest, outplayed by a piece of paper without value? And how much have people to do with it? Do people even read? Or do people create opinions without even asking for the sources?

The definition of scam is a dishonest scheme, a fraud, a hoax, and the person that does it, is a swindler, a scammer! The swindler uses an illegal way of making money, usually by tricking people. For me, it's pretty clear what scam means and whatnot.

I wanted to do this series in a way to find out, if HEX is a scam or not, and present you the results. For this, the whole last week, I was accompanied by Richard Heart. There was absolutely nothing we didn't do together: I ate with him, I argued with my wife with him, I slept with him, I ate with him, worked with him, was on day job with him, and of course, as usual, on the toilet, with him, I had the best thoughts. He was present all the time, as I listened to nearly all podcasts, interviews, radio shows, etc. with my new Huawei Freebuds 3. I was permanently on Heart, consumed so much stuff, pro and contra Heart.

Two videos are relevant to me. The first video is an interview with Peter McCormack and Richard Heart, which happened back in July 2018. And the next meeting is the same one, just 1,5 years later, and it's all about McCormack calling Heart a Scammer. He doesn't want to listen to what Heart is saying, and he doesn't even know about facts and comparisons that Heart is bringing up. So what's the point of this interview?

I remember nearly one year ago, while I've found Crypto Paradise and told the DApps.Buzz Core Team, there is this project I want to invest in. And everybody in the team told me it is a Scam. But what is today? Is it a Scam? No, it isn't. Can it be a Scam? Yes, it can. Like every other project on this world, on- and off-chain. It depends on the project owner and how they can handle stuff when stuff happens. I'm pretty sure most of you get what I want to say with this, and if not, it's okay. I can't be responsible for what people think about something. I can bring up logic to a certain point - but as you can see, even logic fails, if the counterpart has only one mission that consists of getting out a message, instead of discussing the point of views.

Richard Heart's HEX is a project which you put money into, and no Yakuza forced you to join. And maybe you will gain something; you will perhaps lose your investments. It's a high-risk investment platform that works only if the community works together. And having the most significant wallet in his system, for whatever reason, is, in my opinion, okay. Only in Crypto people want to make money fast, without supporting the project "company."

So, the fact is, nobody can tell if there is a scam or not. And I have nothing more to say in this direction because it doesn't matter: There is a lot of information, but you never can change one's mind. The only thing I can say is that this article here should be about "La Famiglia," Richard Hearts Community. But I already wasted my time diving into HEX scam talks. And with this statement, I close this question. Let's move on to the articles and focus on the system the next few days.

"Bitcoin sucks, and Ethereum sucks. Bitcoin is awesome, and Ethereum is awesome. You have to look at which part you want from it."

Richard Heart

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The HEX Chronicles: La Famiglia.

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz