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Ladies and Gentlemen, today, I'm super proud to present news that shows the direction we're heading with this beautiful little project. I love to tell you that we're preparing for the DApps.Buzz Token (DBT). We created an off-chain token that shows the direction we want to move. DBT is an activity token that rewards activities. I never believed that there is a long term possibility in projects which have no services behind their smart contracts. In this case here, we have content as value and the interactivity of the people. The right content delivered to the right people, that are the right audience for crypto-related marketing stuff. Win-Win-Win. As long we're building off-chain, the quality of the content is driven through the DApps.Buzz Core Team that decides which Community Member is allowed to publish on DApps.Buzz, and of course, only the Core Team publishes the articles.

How to start with DBT

Starting with DBT is super easy: You register for a DApps.Buzz account, and when you get activated, you already have DBT collected within your account. Just register a free account, and select select... Well, you see:

Easy, isn't it?


  • Register Account: 5
  • Registered through Referral: 10
  • Successfully referred Account: 10
  • Daily Login: 1
  • Daily Visit: 1
  • Daily Post View: 1 (up to 5/day)
  • Approved Comment: 1 (up to 5/day)
  • Spam Comment: -5
  • Trashed Comment: -1
  • Add Profile Pic: 10
  • Add Cover Pic: 10
  • Complete Profile: 5

On the right sidebar, after login, you can manage your account:

Community authors receive 25 DBT for published articles. I release the registration and validation process for Community Authors at the beginning of next week.

Please keep in mind that we use the off-chain possibility to tweak the calculations behind this economy. We will implement changes in the coming months to test the whole thing. So don't worry, we're here to talk and expand together. We want your feedback, and in the next DBT news, I will present to you how we will collect your opinions.

The March march

March is a march! We have a lot to get done; the schedule is very sporty. There are team changes made, and something in the discussion, that is changing DApps.Buzz as the whole project. It will have a positive effect on everybody, pretty sure.

The DBT Badges

We started, together with the DBT, also a Badge system. We're creating badges and levels of badges you can collect as activity achievements. Right now, it's just for fun, because, seriously, everybody loves badges! But in the future? Not sure what this can bring, let's be open ;-) I think I have already a few ideas, what about you??

The HEX Week

The HEX week started. But this news here had to go out before, means you will have your first article to read tomorrow. But as I saw today, maybe you should already look into it now, because the HEX seems cheaper today than the last few days.


Last but not least, on your beloved leak channel directly from the bushes…

The second Crypto Paradise Project:

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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz