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RocketGame has been around for sometime, but recently it has gained some extra attention and currently sits at a 2.8 million Tron dividend pool.

As you can see from the picture below, RocketGames already has a lot of popular games like Monopoly, Rocket Dice, Fruit Machine, Mines, and more.

They also have a fast version of Battleship where you roll a dice and attack accordingly.

This picture is a small snapshot of their very extensive Roadmap where they still plan on coming out with tons of games.

If you look closely at their Roadmap you'll nice that it's a new game about every 1-2 weeks.

Near the end of their current Roadmap you will see that they are also coming out with sports betting, API access to allow for different strategies to win, and they plan on making it into a open platform.

The Rocket div pool at 2.8 million Tron is still an impressive amount, and could be the beginning of a much bigger div pool. Not saying it will happen, but it is a possibility. 888 Tron got up to over 100 million in the div pool about 8 months ago.

The leaderboard for the daily wagering contest is a good feature and encourages daily mining as well.

The more users we get using our referral links and playing Dapps via DappStats the bigger our div pool will be, and the more value we will be able to bring back to our users.

All you need to do is navigate over to, click on Dapps, and then type in rocket to find RocketGames. Also, make sure you are signed in with TronLink or a compatible Tron wallet when playing.

Take a look at for more detailed information regarding bet volume, daily transaction volume, and more.




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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz