Review: Planet BOOM!: 90/100

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

Eggies.World made a side game: Planet BOOM! They used Eggies.World appealing style, which I'm a fan of since the beginning. Eggies.World was generally one of the first DGames I was into since the very beginning, and I loved how smooth the game runs. Every time I write a review, I keep Eggies.World style in mind, to keep the levels high. And now everybody talked about the game, I tried it a few days ago, but get addicted today. And here is why:

Gameplay: Easy & Addictive

When I think back a few days ago, what kept me away from playing it, is super ridiculous. There were no in-game explanations, I just tipped a planet, something happened, and I didn't know what exactly. But everybody is firing the game, and I wondered why then Keysmaster from the… Yeah, from which community is Keysmaster? Every single community I join, he's one of the first that welcomes me. So I asked him.

Received no answers.

We will cover up next time! But yeah, he said: Great game, high divs. And then I had to look into it. So I've read the "Planet BOOM! Game Document" (it's a link, click it!), how they call it, and not racism driven white paper like everybody other.

You should also read the game document, and then you know exactly what you're doing. But I will drive you through the game with a short description gallery. Maybe it helps you, so I didn't just write a review.

Start the game, choose your preferred color, choose your preferred amount, and launch those planets. Every 10 minutes 1 colored planet will explode and go BOOM!. The losing color will distribute their TRX equally amongst the two remaining colors. The round times of 10 minutes can vary due to events.

  • Here we can see the main screen. On the top you see the last color rotation that BOOM!, and the planets to chose.
  • Because we had a lot of blue planets, I bet in blue. My psychology sells me that this is the right choice. I bet 10x 10 TRX.
  • And now we see, we have ten planets — time to wait until the timer hits zero.

Rewards: Outstanding.

The rewards system is excellent: It's mining through playing. And very high rewards are paid out, in my opinion. It's an early stage to say how this will develop, but for now, the mining system there and how fast somebody that has not a lot to invest sees something paying out stands out. Straight away, 10 out of 10, keeping in mind, we're talking about a gambling game.

  • Not only the playing wins are great...
  • ...but also mining the tokens through playing...
  • ...which finally gives you divs to collect all six hours.

Content: Basic with potential

The content is elementary. But everything that is there fits into the right place and corner. The shown statistics on the leading site and your win/lost list are informative. Now let's see what they can do through events.

  • Excited regarding the counter going down...
  • ...BOOM! The tense goes up...
  • ...and finally the green planed exploded, we've bet in blue, we won!

Community: Small but supportive & helpful

Already the Eggies.World Community was supportive and helpful, the Planet BOOM! Community is likely the same. With the difference, that Eggies.World has four times more members. I expected a bit more of the Eggies.World members were joining the Planet BOOM! Movement, but until now, they seem to miss out on something addictive.

Uniqueness: Entertaining & Eggies.World Style

Mentioned already a few times, the style, the cuteness, and how the vectors work and move together, feels just right. The gameplay is super entertaining for the gambler. And what happens behind the scenes through the contract, is an exemplary implementation into Eggies.World.


From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz