PyraBank might be underrated

PyraBank started about a month ago, and to be honest I was a little worried that it could be a scam. Their GTA theme was humorous, but also made me question whether they could be trustworthy.

Since then, PyraBank sits at a contract balance of over 3.6 million TRX, and they have a good amount of investors and YouTubers talking about them on what they like to call PyraTube.

PyraBank also has a verified contract on Tronscan, and it is one of the only contracts I have seen with an exact match on Tronscan meaning that they are unlikely to be hiding anything within the contract.

PyraBank uses the P3D token model where investors are rewarded with a 15% buy and sell fees whenever someone buys into or leaves the contract.

But the main and key difference with PyraBank is that the value of your tokens you are holding within the contract will not change as the contract balance goes up and down.

With PyraBank the slogan, relax and divs is really the case as the dividends will always be in effect as long as you stake your tokens on PyraBank, and the token price never fell lower when I invested into the contract a few weeks ago.

PyraBank also has cards and dice games to feed the contract, and I'm sure they plan on adding more games as well. They also have a partnership with HyperTron.

Here is another video explaining PyraBank and all of their features. It is a longer video, but still valuable.


Link to PyraBank

View the PyraBank contract

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