Play Royal referral competition: Help DappStats reach 1st place

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Taking a quick look at PlayRoyal, and you can see all the different games they have available to play including dice games, poker, wheel, and other multiplayer games such as Max Quest.

The Referral competition for PlayRoyal is still going on, DappStats is currently in 3rd place but only about $15 worth of referral earnings away from 2nd place. It's still a pretty close race between the top 3 on the leaderboard, and the competition is ending on November 1st.

While you roll the dice on PlayRoyal you will be mining their reward token RWD which you can choose to exchange back for Tron or burn it for a share of the current reward pool as seen in the picture below.

PlayRoyal has their own built in exchange where you trade a wide variety of Tron tokens, exchange Tron for Bitcoin and more. They are adding new trading pairs on a regular basis.

Looking ahead at some of the platform updates, you can see that they have multiple plans for the future including new games, new marketing plans, and more use cases for their token.

DappStats has been working hard, and we have been able to add several sponsors for the Halloween Event and we will be looking for new competitions as often as we find them to help grow the Dapps and help to grow our community. You can see the PlayRoyal competition featured on DappStats right now.

The dividends from freezing DappStats token will only be getting better from here as the site grows and the traffic increases to our site. The current dividend pool is at 25k Tron.


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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz