New Year & Upcoming Things from Dappstats

What a year it has been for all of us. Who would have thought when 2019 started that we would all be brought together to form a sort of family on Telegram because of one project?

It has been an awesome year for Crypto Paradise since its inception in June 2019 up until now. We have achieved so much in a short span of 6 months’ time, and it has all been thanks to the help and support of the community.

When we launched the Crypto Paradise token sale we were restricted from sharing information about DappStats because we did not want our idea/concept being cloned by someone else and making it fail. Even though we shared almost zero information about what the first project was, we still had many people supporting us, and this was one of the best feelings for a project.

  • Sept. 5th, 2019 was when DappStats launched in beta mode. Over the entire month, we continued to get feedback from our community to fix errors or make improvements to the platform.
  • Sept. 20th, 2019 was when we launched the dividend pool for DappStats token holders.
  • Sept. 30th, 2019 is when we started to form cross-promotion partnerships to bring more exposure to DappStats as a platform and reach a broader audience.
  • Oct. 1st, 2019 is when we started our first event, the Halloween Event, a place where the community can come together and platforms can donate tokens and in-game items to gain more exposure. By the end of the event, we had 20+ Sponsors and gave out around 200k+ TRX worth of tokens and in-game items.
  • Oct. 2019 is when we started looking for DApps and contests in which we can participate as a platform.

This is our first success at working together as a team and adding additional funds to the dividend pool.
  • Nov. 2019 is when we started splitting the platform share of revenue after two months of 100% being shared with DappStats token holders.
  • Nov. 29th, 2019 is when we launched our first big contest on BetFury, with 25,000 TRX + 10,000 DST as prizes.
  • Nov.-Dec. 2019: After a very successful end to the Halloween Event, we didn’t want to waste any time and launched our second event, the Christmas Event. With the event just ending a few days ago on Christmas, this was another huge success with many platforms who took part in it and gave out prizes worth 200k+ TRX.

It has been a great year so far, and there’s a lot more great stuff to come for DappStats and its community in 2020. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect 😉.

Widget System

The widget feature was delayed because the UI was not properly showing up on different Websites during testing. We want to make sure everything works great, and we can expect to have the widget system available during the month of Jan. 2020.

VIP Group

After much consideration and demand, we have decided that we will be opening a VIP group for our active community and supporters. We wanted to make sure our VIP group is different from other platforms and does not just offer airdrops, but instead adds value for the VIPs and gives a proper reason to be part of this VIP group.

More details will be shared during the first week of Jan. 2020.

Dividend Page Upgrade

We have been working tirelessly to provide more value to the dividend system and to make the whole experience for users a great one.

During Jan./Feb. 2020 we will be upgrading the dividend tab into a full page with more features/details to give users an even better experience.

Dividend System Boost

As we continue to enjoy dividends being added on a weekly basis from the revenue being generated from referrals, this has been working great and we wanted to keep it like this.

The change or addition we wanted to do was in relation to the advertising revenue generated. Since this is a more infrequent revenue source during these beginning months and it disrupts the steady growth of the dividend pool by adding a huge amount to the dividend pool for one week and nothing is added for a week or two, we wanted to implement something that will benefit the community and dividend pool not randomly, but consistently.

What we have decided to do is make another smart contract where all the advertising and promotional revenue generated can be added. This smart contract slowly drip-feeds the dividend pool every day (1% of the total amount in the second smart contract every day).

With such an implementation, we believe this will help the whole DappStats dividend ecosystem because it will give an opportunity for the dividend pool to grow as funds are added daily to it and when the weekly addition from referral bonus happens, it will get an extra boost.

This way the dividend pool will grow steadily and consistently as more and more funds are added to the second smart contract from advertising and promotional revenue.

Dividend Payout Percentage

Our goal from the beginning has been to provide a sustainable source of revenue for our community, and we continue to test and add the best ways to reach this goal.

With the implementation of the second smart contract to help the dividend pool grow steadily and consistently, we also wanted to make a minor change to the current dividend payout system. We will be changing the payout percentage from 10% to 7% for a month to allow for these new implementations to have the most positive outcome. At the end of Jan. we will see if the 7% dividend payout is working well and should stay for longer or if we should change the dividend payout back to 10%.

Revenue Breakdown

There are more great things coming during the month of Jan. 2020, one of them being the revenue breakdown between the platform and dividend pool.

This revenue share percentage change will take effect from Jan. 26th, 2020 and from that point onwards the platform will only keep 35% of the total revenue generated by the DappStats platform.

We have been thinking of the best way to utilize the extra 15% going towards the dividend pool and currently have a few options for it:

  • Add it all to the dividend pool.
  • Keep a certain percentage on the side for mining new platforms to further boost the dividend pool (pooled mining).
  • Keep a certain percentage for giveaways and prizes or utilize for something different to help the growth of the dividend pool.

We will finalize this during the month of Jan. and will let the community know the best way forward.

Team Tokens

As time passes by we come towards the Team token release aswell in the month of January. The Team tokens will be released during the last week of Jan 2020. Now after careful consideration and discussions internally, we have decided a maximum of 150,000 tokens will be frozen every month out of the total 12Million tokens being released. This will allow for the pool to grow at its steady pace with all the new implementations and at the same time will not have a drastic impact on the rest of the token holder's dividends. We will keep a close eye on the dividends and at the end of every month take actions with our team tokens accordingly


As mentioned in our previous article, we have decided to share a new roadmap in terms of development according to the funding we receive.

More details about this can be found in our previous article by clicking here.

Token Lock and Sale

As mentioned in our previous article, tokens will be locked and unavailable for sale for a set period of time and there will be a gradual price increase for the tokens that are available for sale.

This will be implemented during Jan./Feb. 2020 as well. More details about this can be found in our previous article by clicking here.

KPI Since DappStats Launch

We have achieved many targets and goals since we have launched. Today, let us share some numbers we have been able to achieve so far:

  • Total Visitors Since Launch: 20,000+ Users
  • Daily Visitors: 500+ Users
  • Total Tron Added to Dividend Pool: 100,000+ TRX
  • Total Users Freezing DST Tokens: 280+
  • Total DApps Being Tracked: 1600+


  • Widget System
  • VIP Group
  • Dividend Page Upgrade
  • Dividend System Boost
  • Dividend Payout Percentage
  • Revenue Breakdown
  • Team Tokens
  • RoadMap
  • Token Lock & Sale
  • KPI


We wish everyone a Happy New Year and are looking forward to 2020 being a very fruitful year for DappStats and its supporters!