Moolah divs on the rise

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Moolah has left some investors questioning whether or not it could be a scam because it seems a little too good to be true. So far I haven't found proof that it a scam. At least as far as I am aware. and Moolah are related. UpStake launched about 2 years ago when they had their token sale for their UPDC token.

Upstake has created a rise-only currency in UPDC as the token price is now sitting close to $6 a coin and continues to rise daily and automatically. If you want to sell UPDC you can try on their micro exchange right now. But you need to log in on the Upstake website here first:

Currently mining on Moolah pays out dividends in UPDC, and will be able to pay you dividends in TRX when you stake their token. Soon they have plans to pay out dividends in IOST and EOS also according to their Roadmap .

Below is just the front cover of their Roadmap.

The current mining rate for the UPDC token is about $6, but the currency increases in price hourly and only goes up. So once people begin to value the currency more, the TRX dividends will increase and the token will become more expensive to mine.

Moolah has also shown screenshots of the new games roulette and moon in their telegram which are likely to be released soon.

It's way too early to call Moolah a scam imo, and they are working hard to do something which has never been done before. They looked at the various casino models and chose to create an entirely new version where the tokens are set up to always be valuable.

Those confident in the longetivity of Moolah will reap the potentially massive rewards soon, when the exchange is made with much higher liquidity.

Here's a pic outlining the token supply and rate increases of UPDC. This can be found on

The dividend pool has not been very high at Moolah this week or the last, but this does not indicate a failure in my opinion. Rather, it indicates that things are headed in the right direction as the dividend pool was negative last week.

I have been skeptical about Moolah since it is centralized, but the thing that they say which is true is that so many of us have been burned by some "decentralized" Dapps which weren't actually decentralized.

Anyways, this is not financial advice, hopefully you take the time to read and learn more about Moolah and make your own decision.


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