Make money in Crypto: How to

Lets all make some Crypto Money! Lets get rich, its quick its easy. Everyone that's touched crypto is already a millionaire!?! What are you waiting for? Throw all your hard earned $$$'s at me! After reading this, you'll never have to work a day in you life. Crypto is awesome, its easy we're rich!! Oh and the handy crypto disclaimer, Not Financial Advice! This means I take absolutely no responsibility for anything I write nor any actions you take after reading this post, as is known in crypto. Now we've got all the fun out the way lets begin. "Wen Lambo" / "Wen Moon" I hear you!

Let's get started, OK, so it's a click bait title, it has to be done, you wouldn't have clicked it otherwise! Can you imaging I named it "How to lose money in crypto" or "Crypto will bankrupt you". Ready for some more Click bait.

Crypto Money, its easy!

There are various ways to make money in Crypto. The main way is from Crypto Trading, buying high and selling low, no wait...there's something not right there..buying low and selling high, this sounds better. Buying whilst "high" works as long as the price is low, just remember to sell High, even if you are still "high". Looking back at most people in the crypto space its something they are still confused about, they get their highs confused.

The second method would be mining platforms early to earn tokens which you freeze for Divs/Sell for profit. Third would be trading in game assets (NFTs). The final, and most highly used method, SCAMMING your way to riches. Who'd have thought an unregulated market would be hit with scam after scam! Lets face it, if life is a ponzi, everyone here before you is probably making more money than you, how can you get one step ahead?

If you've been in the space longer than 2 minutes you've probably been offered 100 different ways to go from rags to riches. "sending 2 Eth getting 20 Eth back" or "winning at our casino guaranteed, watch I can pick any winner". My favorite is "do you know crypto, can you send these funds for me its banned in my country". The initial hustle is great fun! 200% Daily ROI contract? Count me in! I can't t lose! EVERYONE makes 200% on their investment! It's easy money! Let me sell my house to invest! MOOOOOOONNN time!!!! Anyone noticing the problem yet? Maybe I just spend too much time on "crypto twitter" and the Dapp chat hot spot Telegram.

Crypto and Scam in the same sentence? You've got to be joking?

Crypto is only used by criminals and the Black Market, there's no real use case for it. "Real" people wouldn't use Crypto. Of course "real" people dont use Crypto, we use banks. Why would anyone want to have full control of their own finance, without relying on banks and 3rd parties to help transfer and store your money, all whilst charging you for the privilege. It just wouldn't make sense to control your own money, being able to use and send money worldwide in seconds with a fraction of the Fee. It's just not for me.

Lets all get Bitconnectttttteddd (it's not a scam! Reminds me of some thing recently released...anyone got any idea what it could be? Leave them in the comments) and come together and get rich all ready! I mean in the time you've wasted reading this so far you probably could have made your first million? At least 10x your money? Right? If not why not? Crypto is easy, everyone can use it, probably even your Nan?

There's no mumbo jumbo to get through, FUD, Hodl, FOMO, Wallets, Ledgers, SRs, Blockchains, Tokens, assets, SCAMs, what does it all mean? Where do I even start? Why am I here? Coffee? Someone give me more coffee!

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What should I invest in? BTC?

First thing is first, what Crypto should I use? Well this depends what you're in Crypto for? Trading, I must admit this is an area I haven't spent too much time, I don't even look at the price of most Cryptos but you could look at Bitcoin as a starting point, the main "Crypto Currency", the Crypto "master race"! Follow this up with a few "Shit coins" and you can trade to your hearts content, easy money. There's also chain specific token/asset selling sites you can "trade" on including TronTrade, Poloni DEX and OpenSea. Trading Assets and tokens can be fun and sometimes easier than trading Cryptos.

Especially with the "only rising" crypto currencies, there's no way to lose. The price can only rise! Wait...the price can only rise? How..but...where...when...why?!?! Too many questions, not enough Sloth hours in the day. It can ONLY rise? ONLY rise?!?!! ONLY RISE!?!??!! Think about it.


For NFTs or collectible games Ethereum is the network to look at, there's countless games where asset collecting and trading is viable, CryptoKitties , My Crypto Heroes , 0xUniverse , Brave Frontier Heros , CryptoDozer and Gods Unchained to name a few. Take some time to learn more about the Dapps, check their Stats at Dappstats, join their social media channels (discord and telegram mainly) and learn what assets are worth money and collect/train/trade your way into profit.

A couple of other Dapps worth looking into are the "hourglass" of, running on the etherum blockchain for almost 2 years and still going strong, it's one of a few decentralized contracts. Users buy tokens, losing a 10% share to previous holders. When selling tokens users have the same 10% fee, this is share with other holder so it becomes a game of "weak hands" to see who sells first. This allows the contract to move up and down, allowing some users to view it as more of a "bank" for their crypto earning them interest whilst not using it. A risky investment but if calculated correctly and used for a long hodl it could suit your needs.

Another method of using your crypto passively is putting it as bankroll in casinos, bcgames is one such example that allows you to earn as the "house" in some of their games. Both are relatively "safe" but long term, slow return options. a Higher amount of buy in rewards a higher payout but with every Crypto they have risks. From the main currency itself to every Dapp on the chain, never over invest and remember it's your crypto, only you can decide what to do with it! So...


If you'd rather Gamble and make some "quick" cash, blockchains such as Tron are fast paced and able to keep up with thousands of transactions a second. To make the quick cash most users look at "new" platforms. Checking on Dapp Stat site's show FightRon a newer platfrom is pushing the most 24 hour transactions, WheelWin is another newish Casino. Mining early gives users the chance to get the highest return from their mined tokens. This is a risky strategy as the space is renowned for Dapps "exit scamming" or being Hacked.

Some of the longer lasting casinos such as Rocket Games, 888 and WINk also fight for top spot. 888 with its one token economy has surpassed many expectations, Wink continues to be one of the the "stable" Dapps on Tron blockchain however users will struggle to get a fair piece of the pie from Divs as dilution increases with every new user. Another couple of smaller yet noteworthy casinos Play Royal with its Hybrid exchange and TRONTOPIA with "seasons" stirring up some interesting competition.

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But you told me you would help us make crypto money? When does this start?

Well, you've read this far, I guess I should reveal the secret to getting rich in crypto. Since I'm still sitting here typing articles it's safe to say I haven't worked out the secret or I'd be chilling on my island sipping cocktails and smoking fat ones. The best advice I've ever been giving in this crazy crypto world is DYOR! I think I say this in almost every article but its a MUST, Do your own Research!

Digging deeper into Dapps, talk in their social, ask the team questions, if they ban you without good cause ask yourself what you have to hide. Breaking down barriers and exploring everything you can before sending your crypto off to a Dapp is key! Remember, not your Keys, not your crypto. As soon as you send it off it's no longer yours! Work out a strategy, think how and where you will profit. Take some time and don't "FOMO" in!

The "best" way to make money in Crypto, do one or all of the above mentioned options but start with a MASSIVE bag. Having $100,000+ to start your crypto adventure gives you the best chance of making money. It takes money to make money. Simple. Being first into Dapps also gives the biggest return. Everything is a ponzi remember. Risking more gives you higher chances of making a profit. It also gives you a higher chance of losing it all. Play smart, not Fast. It's the Slothly way. So my top tips for the Crypto space, how I've survived this long without taking massive losses? Mostly by not chasing or making massive gains! If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Sloth Tips and Tricks

Okay, so, my advice, remember this isn't financial advice, you control your own funds not me! The "best" way to make crypto money, stop looking for quick gains. Being first in is great, but don't over invest. You might 2x or even 10x you stake...or you might lose it all, only risk what you're willing to lose and don't get over invested. The occasional quick flip of a token/asset is great but long term hodling should be something you consider. What to Hodl in this "exit scamming, FUD filled" market. Platfroms and Dapps which aim to provide services and long term content, including continued Dapp development are perfect opportunities.

Crypto Paradise (CPR) a social community which came together to build a token based group . This project is set to give their CPR holders a share of each project they launch, Dappstats being the first and the second "BloxVault" has just been announced.
DappStats (DST). These tokens give users back the referral earning and advertising Fees the site makes. By using Dappstats and sharing with others. Users stand to make a return on every investment they make into Dapps. Working with the community to share the links creates a bigger reward pool for everyone rather than further diluting the pot with countless referral links earning the little fish next to nothing compared to the whales.
Holding assets such as BTT or SEED/TERC tokens are another viable option, do some research into the tokens available on the market, there's something for everyone including Nole charity token.
Voting for Tron SRis a safe way to get a small return for your money if you want to freeze TRX for energy/bandwidth.

Dapps? What to look for?

When looking for a Dapp to play consider what it has to offer, Idle miners are always fun, long drawn out games, it's more about playing them and competing with others than making a quick buck. Card games such as Splinterlands are great for spending hours enjoying the game whilst having the chance to make some money off the top. Collecting Assets to sell for profit using the smallest buy in possible. Grind, work your way up and earn long term.

Frag token has a full economy of Dapps, from the basic FragBox to FragGoo the idle miner (new version released in the coming months) there is something for everyone at Frag. Buy your initial tokens, freeze them in fragbox, get divs and use them to gamble on FragDice or Frag Toss. Build up a small stack, put them into Bonds, wait for them to mature into frags, add them to the box and start all over again. An awesome tokenomic system if utilized correctly. Not to mention TronPrime , a branch from Frags main Dapps which introduces Defi to Tron. Take a loan from your holdings and invest them elsewhere.

There's also the Void 2.0 network, from the owners of Boss Gaming PVP which recently forked from "void" to "voidx". Bringing Liquidity features to Tron via their exciting Dex. Boss PvP is set to launch their first Dapp in the coming weeks, a Blockchain Battle Royal! (full write up coming soon) Whilst talking about exciting games I need to mention TrueGaming which will bring Battleships and Minigolf to a block chain near you soon!

Finally some of the other ways to make some "free" Crypto money

  • Read/Write articles on sites such as Dappsbuzz, lbry, steemit, publish0x,
  • Play mini-games and "mine" free Crypto at rollercoin
  • Crypto Twitter/Telegram giveaways: DappsBuzz + DappStats Twitter
  • Beg on Telegram, this is a popular option, results will vary with your begging threshold.
  • "Rain hunt" on telegram, post "hello" or "good morning" daily to soak up the free tips
  • Create a Dapp (try not to exit)

    Article is not 100% factual, reader discretion is advised. Always Do You Own Research before investing into ANYTHING, be that in real life or Crypto. Enjoy Dapps and don't get caught in all the craziness of chasing impossible to reach gains. Join an active Dapp community on Telegram or Discord and enjoy the crazy crypto Dapp space in a fun safe environment!