Is Planet BOOM dead?

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I was super excited about BOOM as I wrote the review a few weeks ago. BOOM boomed, and the concept was great. But after the launch, and that single weekend that everybody was excited, it felt down fast. My theory was that the people began to buy out the BOOM token on Tronwatch Market, which then let people stop to play and "mine".

I don't know if maybe it can generally be better to build the "mining" part of such games in an hourglass principle, like Pyrabank does, with a stable token. But it's always easier to talk about projects when the experiences are already there. So I asked the Planet BOOM Community if BOOM will have a comeback. And shortly after Stache (the project leader and leading developer of Eggies World and Planet BOOM) told me to be assured, the game isn't dead at all, this message followed:

I wish Stache the out time he needs, and I hope he comes back as soon he feels refreshed. I know exactly how hard it is to manage a day job, such as great projects, with family and a real-life by the side. And with the idea of the people that everything should be easy, finally, you're rich, because you have your project. Not. Nobody assumes that we all in this space are struggling with the same stories. So I love to see the community reactions, and how it stands together. Even if these experiences are not unusual in the crypto space and should be the way to go for this planet, there is something I'm regularly missing in such projects: A backup plan. Everybody is willing to help, but nobody is happy about a project that stands still. It's the actual situation with Eggies.World, where all eggs died. And also the case with BOOM, which is still "under maintenance."

I'm pretty sure the team, and the project, will recover. The team assured us everything would be fine; we need patience. And it's what I do with both games. There is a lot out there to play, take a look at our reviews, you will find something. And as soon you nearly forget about your eggs, we will remind you ;-)

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz