IPirates launching at 12:12 am EST

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Pirates is the new takeover of IOSTPlay. This is also what has been on everyone's minds the last few days as the mysterious Project X. This is launching on December 12th at 12:12 am EST.

If you currently have an IOSTPlay you should freeze them on IOSTPlay, or else you will not be able to participate in the airdrop. The snapshot will take place about 12 minutes before launch.

Guppy's was holding a lot of IOSTPlay at the time of the mishap a few weeks ago, where the ITRX holdings held by IOSTPlay were lost/hacked leading to ITRX on IOST currently not having any ability to convert anymore.

To be clear, this had nothing to do with Guppy's and happened before Guppy's made any move to try and takeover.

This is not only a smart move by Guppy's in my opinion to start-up a new casino with a mix of games all done on IOST. The IOST blockchain is usually said to be faster than Tron and this allows the on-chain casinos to still be extremely fast.

This Casino is going to have some similarities to BetFury as 79% of the div pool will carry over to the next day.

The total supply of Loot their new token will be 5 billion, and the price to mine loot will begin at 20 IOST per token up until there are 25 million mined per round. There are 200 rounds, and a difficulty increase of 1 IOST per round.

Pirates will likely have a very good start, and this will be the first onchain dividend model that allows Loot holders to claim their dividends in real time.

The smart contract will track your dividends and allow for instant payouts when you need them.

This should launch on time, and have a flurry of action, you might not want to miss out.




From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz