IOST Moon Overview

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Ladies and gentlemen, here a brief IOST Moon overview! And as you guys know, I'm not the gambling reviewer. I'm not a gambler. So it's maybe even more enjoyable for you to see what I'm talking about here, and why I'm enjoying this game. It's the reason why I did this short video, yeah, woohoo, and maybe you understand a word. Watch till the end; there is a Post Scriptum about my own misleading no pro-tools information:

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IOST Moon is fun. You can start with minimal bets, 1 IOST, to be precise, which makes the game enjoyable for everybody. I mean, I'm not a gambler, but there are gambling machines that I like. As an example, there are Slots and Dice-like games that I sometimes like to play without expecting to gain something. It's just about having a bit of fun and thrill, knowing that finally, my money belongs to the house. The reason why I quit using such games, as soon they raise the prices. Happened, and I left. So the possibility of playing with just one IOST is fantastic.

The website could have a more modern touch, though. It looks like a 1995 website. I didn't even see that there are tabs hidden on the game page. In my video, I said that there are no Pro-Gambling Tools present there, which maybe is the reason why the chat is so empty (or people are focussed playing??). So to all the strategic gambler out there, there are Pro-Gambling Tools present! It's just hidden in the center of our face.

The game itself gives me tension, TENSION! I mean the whole system has all the casino like tools, like in-game token mining, contests, dividends, referrals, and everything else. But the real gem here is the game itself!

It's great to see the rocket flying up, waiting until the flat-earth pilot crashes for no reason. It's a thrill, as you can see in the video - It happened right in the beginning that the rocket surpassed 280x. I was like, "what the heck, did you see this??". And those are the thrilling moments in that game, which can take away your breath. I mean, nowadays it's nothing special not to breathe, but try this without a virus! Yeah, IOST Moon is rocketing.

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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz