Freaking Awesome Halloween Event!

Hey ladies and gentlemen, unbelievable what a few communities that found each other are creating right now. They're supporting a lot of projects, and organizing events, with prizes, that not even DApp project leader bring up. It's just fantastic to see what's happening here. It's the reason why I wanted to talk a few words, instead of just writing about it. I copy the whole pinned message in this article here, but I'm sure, it's already old. They're collecting prizes like crazy, and yeah, the pool changes nearly hourly, so be sure, this message here will be outdated.

Nole Legends is in with prizes like the legendary Khotan. Robominer is mining like crazy with us right now, making this event possible, and sharing rewards. Dappstats is in, also with a freaking DST token offer. It helps to feed the new perks with ease and rewarding the community.

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz