Frag Token/Power Review: 87/100

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Frag Power is easy to play, but it is a little complex to play the right way. With Frag Power, you simply deposit your Frags which you can buy on the Frag DEX, and then you will be able to purchase Frag Power with your Frags. You can purchase Frags here: Frag DEX

You will gain Frag Power if you keep your Power unfrozen when the price of Frags on the Power DEX is above the target price, at a rate of about 1% per hour. You will also lose unfrozen frag power if the price on this DEX is lower than the target price, at a rate of about 1% per hour.

Freezing your Frags will keep your power supply locked at the current amount and potentially get longer-term gains as the target price slowly rises encouraging more people to buy and Freeze their Frag Power.


This chart above was the plan with Frag Power as the expected long-term gains of the DEX price of Frags, but if you have been playing on Frag Power, then you know that this chart hasn't been followed closely at all.

Even though the price of Frags on the Frag Power DEX has risen and fallen several times so far, the long-term outlook for Frag Power and it's investors is still strong in my opinion.

The target price of Frag Power increases every hour and therefore tries to give incentives to users to either freeze, buy more power, or sell their Frags depending on their current feel of the situation.

In theory, the long-term price of Frags should continue to grow as the power supply should decrease as the target price increases which should increase the value of the Frag Power held within the contract.


I understand that this article may be confusing for some people, so be sure to check out the Medium article below for another explanation of how Frag Power works.

You will also be able to participate in a Frag raffle which happens at least once every 24 hours. It costs 10 TRX and give you the chance at winning 1,000 Frags, currently valued at around 6,000 TRX.

Hank Grenade, the dev over at Frag Token has been working very hard answering questions around the clock and coming up with a very interesting financial experiment. We are happy to know that Hank is fueled by plenty of Monster and coffee.


The community over at Frag Power is currently divided over whether the long-term price of Frag Power on the DEX will be able to increase or decrease, and give investors a nice return on their investment.

So far, the experiment has worked overall as anyone getting into Frag without freezing their power has seen some good gains on their investment.

The DEX price outside of the Frag Power game is still selling Frags for around 6 TRX each, so the medium to long-term game for Frag power is still looking bright in my biased opinion.

This is not financial advice, it is important to make your own financial decisions instead of listening to online experts, lol.

Also, keep in mind that supply of Frag Power is currently at around 9,200,000 and is decreasing by 1% for every transfer made within the Frag ecosystem.


FragToken is revolutionary as it's own unique currency. You hear a lot of people in the chat saying that they hodl Frags, and they they are going to continue to hold onto frags as the future of the financial revolution.

I think it's too early to call, but with Frag power, Frag Box, Frag DEX, Frag Goo, Frag Raffle and more Dapps planned, it is clear that what this developer has built is really unique and interesting.


Frag DEX

Frag Power

Frag Raffle



From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz