Fish n' Chips launching at 2pm PST

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Fish n' Chips is launching soon, it is said to be the most sustainable contract ever created on IOST. With Fish n' Chips, the goal is pretty simple.

You can buy Chips with your IOST once the contract launches in a few hours, and you can re-invest the dividends you receive from the tokens similar to P3D, or you can sell the tokens once they go up in value.

Buying into Fish tokens is a different story though because when you buy Chips tokens and then convert them to fish tokens, you can no longer sell them as they become locked into the contract.

You will be able to convert all of your chips tokens into fish if you choose, but you will not be able to convert your fish tokens back into chips.

Above is a short video explaining in more detail how Fish and Chips will be used in order to create value for token holders.

This contract may create a lot of new IOST holders as they will be buying IOST possibly for the first time just to be able to get into this revolutionary contract.


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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz