Ether Kingdoms/Imps Review: 81/100

Ether Kingdoms is a fun and very easy to play casual game. It is a turn based game where you control these blue monsters to fight against each other in a turn based fight. 

Here is an introduction video to Imps courtesy of BlockDecentral also known as Fandom Games.


Your ability to lose or win a fight is dependent on the gear, attributes and experience of your fighter. The picture below shows you some of the possible gear you can equip for your imp fighter. 

For example, on this picture of my monster I have a space helmet, some space gear, a wooden shield and a powerful attack weapon. 


Here on the OpenSea you can view all the items for sale, you can buy some of the items for Imp tokens or for ETH depending on the person who is selling the gear. You can view the items for sale on the OpenSea here:

Some of the items listed for Ether Kingdoms are not very expensive, but some of the items available for purchase will be listed on the expensive side as I have seen some people sell these in-game items for as much as 7 ETH per item. 

Imp tokens are currently listed on CoinMarketCap, and you can also buy directly from the Ether Kingdoms site using MetaMask.

While the current value of Imp tokens is pretty low, the development for the game has not stopped, and the total supply of the coins at 13 million is a pretty small amount. 


I think that while the price of the tokens is low, this team has accomplished more than people realize. The game has a dynamic leaderboard, weekly prizes in new gear for the top leaders, and they have added a new gaming map called the Far Realm where more unique mining is possible. 

Ether Kingdoms has a staking or mining system while you play the game. And they have recently slowed down the mining rate to prevent players from dumping their token on the market which would cause it to lose all of its value. 

Looking ahead at what’s still planned for Ether Kingdoms we can see that there is a completely new gaming model planned with updated graphics, a full mobile version, and there will be a free to play version.

All of these updates and more to come are in the works. With Ether Kingdoms you can be sure that there is constant development. Even though, the price of the tokens has decreased it could be a good idea to hodl Imp tokens if you are looking for a long-term investment. Please do your own research though and make your own financial decisions.


Ether Kingdoms community has some loyal followers, but does not have as many dedicated community members as some other projects. That being said, the unique constant mining of Imp tokens means that this project will always have some followers and gamers that care about the project.