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So there is this guy. I think everybody knows him, Liv3Lov3Di3. That guy with that massive effort he puts into his project, BOSS GAMING, which by the way, starts in nearly 35 days. That guy that takes over the whole responsibility on VOID, and since then, well… VOID is back in-game like never before.

The news is: Liv3Lov3Di3 and his team are launching a VOID DEX in a few hours, and from what I could see until now, it must be even higher than just knowing who's taking control over the project. So I, like always, nearly missed out this news and then I was like, "Hey, hey, what's this? What's this?"

And then he let me test a bit around on the Shasta. Let's see what I saw there!

VOID DEX: Your future VOID Exchange


There is a SWAP Feature, which you can use to switch between VOID and TRX, or TRX and VOID. The little arrows between the TRX and VOID input fields change the swap direction. I think I have to join as fast as possible there, and also see to be whitelisted for the liquidity feature, which seems to be a pretty nice feature.


As you can see, there is a liquidity feature. Looks interesting because DEX and liquidity support each other. So there is a process, described in this "VOID Defi Dex Update 2.0", that describes the liquidity feature:

VOID Glass!

Haha, what a leak. So then I asked Liv3Lov3Di3 this:

And he responded:

And so I'm pretty sure I can tell you: What's coming up is also an hourglass contract, built into the system. It's terrific news! Oh, a multi-token hourglass ;-) Just saying.

But what is the Burning Competition?

Well, for this, I received a "simulated screenshot." And I don't think that it needs further explanation, so take a look:

A burning competition on the swaps? With rewards? How can a little feature be so massive?

Liv3Lov3Di3 achieved a lot since he toked over VOID. What's upcoming is massive: VOID DEX, VOID LIQUIDITY, Burning Competition, and an hourglass system. I think nothing more to say than don't miss out on this launch.

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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz