Dappstats Review: 93/100

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

Here we are — my Dappstats review. As most of you already know, Crypto Paradise and DApps.Buzz partnered, and we ensure a traffic exchange between us and Dappstats, and we reward the same community as Crypto Paradise through their tokens in the future. So this is one of those reviews I have a lot of pieces of information about the project, and maybe I'm not as objective as I should be. But I'm already saying it, you're aware of these facts, and now I will tell you not only a Dappstats review but a story about many friendships. Please invest a few minutes of your precious time in reading this article. I'm sure you will dive into this project, as soon we do a short time travel together. You can also jump down to the review part, but, nobody misses an article straight of the bush.

As we, the DApps.Buzz team was into an investigative story a few months ago, regarding one of the biggest scams on the Tron network, we also went into Crypto Paradise. Half of our Team was sure, this looks like a scam, but I wanted to know more.

I invested and began to be an active part. I had a lot of fun with all the people there. It was impressive what we created altogether, how we all were involved. It was the feeling that we create something together. And we finally did, because the community is an active part of this project and all future projects.

After I was involved as an investor into a few scams, and projects that failed, or went hacked, I was done with all the gambling and ROI sites on the blockchain. I wanted a real project so bad. Every real project around was just looking promising in the beginning, then the outcome was awkward, still in work, or you never heard something again. This one seemed to be different.

And I was amazed at how the Team, and the community, shared my values and dreams. It's not the usual Lambo spam, all about money. It was more; it was everything. It's like a family, still, and everything they, we, reached, is just a great outcome. We had so many experiences together, and it was fantastic. It is incredible how people all around the world can be such a great team, such great friends.

Usability: Clean, userfriendly & responsive.

Dappstats is very easy to use, fast, and most important, responsive! After a few issues right after launch, the Team responded very actively and swiftly to the requests and concerns. We also see improvements in the form of added features from time to time, so it's clearly on the way to something bigger than it's now, but what we see and can use, works flawless and is already high. Nearly 2K DApps are tracked there, since the beginning. The fact that you can earn dividends with staking DST tokens and increase the pot using their site is not stated big enough there. It's a big reason to begin to use just this site as an entrance to your DApps explorations. Sometimes, when I talk to people, it seems not to be clear enough. But as soon I've informed them, they're in and excited. Being in the usability category, I think there should be something more to tell the people. Even if Dappstats already stated explicitly it on the leading site, seems not to be present enough.

Rewards: No brainer, first of it's kind.

It's a no brainer. In this image, I show the rewards I collected yesterday with freezing an investment of 40080 DST (equals to 40080 TRX right now). I gathered something around 20 TRX yesterday and can receive something around 18 TRX today. And the website just launched.
I don't know if you realize how hard it is, to run a Tron SR node on the Tron Blockchain, but I guarantee you, it's not an easy one. You have to put a lot of work, monitoring, and power into your node. Having a project running is mostly a more comfortable choice. But having the sharing mentality like an SR, and running a project like this, is nothing else than excellent! Okay, the SR is forced into this situation, because if he doesn't share the rewards, nobody votes for him. And it's a sad story because the more he can invest in computer power, the better for the blockchain itself. But in Dappstats case, everybody profits. They use referrals on their DApp Stats site, like every other. And they sell super active banner ads, like every other.

Token Goodies

And as you know, an advertiser has a 100% exposure to crypto interested people. Just nobody shares this lucrative business with the community. So you stack your rewards and gain around four times more than freezing for an SR. It's not that I advise not to freeze for SR's, absolutely not. It's needed and part of one of the main concepts of this decentralized democratic network. But think about it, if you can invest a part of them into something that produces more divs, so you can't not just profit more, but also vote for an SR because of their power, and projects, and not just for the highest rewards. And that would be the key to a real democratic blockchain, where people have not to be bought. And I want to clarify again, and it's just the beginning, it's not an ROI! Even if I can't give you a piece of investment advice, because I don't, and I can't. I can surely say that this story, and the outcome, is a no brainer for me.

Content: Statistics, tools, and multi blockchain.

Just today they released the possibility to change and/or buy crypto currencies on the website. I know more tools are coming, which makes the whole project more exciting. The content is excellent, Dappstats started with nearly 2K DApps, and cleaned out the not active DApps very quickly. Here the stats per today:

Until now, Tron is implemented and share rewards, but in the future also other blockchains will join. So the content will still grow.

Community: Active, friendly & supportive.

Per today, we experience a great outcome, with a real amount of paid out dividends, even if they just started. The project was a success until here, and the obstacles they managed with the help of the community. I've never experienced such an active, productive, lovely community before on the Tron network. The Team and the community was the reason why many of us invested there. We didn't even know what the first project will be on.
But this was the Crypto Paradise Community, which is part of the Dappstats Community. The Dappstats community tho has new members and is more focussed. It's more content related, which is fabulous, and also the meaning of this community. But because the Crypto Paradise community for me has earned 100 points out of 100, I have to take away a few points here. I miss the flow we had in the beginning there. So let's see to get them in there!

Uniqueness: The dividend system & payouts.

Clearly that they share with the community what others don't, it's reasonable not to share such an amount, but Dappstats does. And this is unique. The fact, how fast they reached the token presale sold out, first seen on the Tron blockchain. The workflow of the community was phenomenal. Every single one of them deserves the dividends, and I'm sure they keep the project running together.


From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz