DappStats bought DApps.Buzz for one Trillion!

Wow, a lot is going on in this beautiful DApps space. One of today's news was that Binance acquired DAppReview. Exciting story, even if it concerns me, how Binance is getting this monopole position on the Tron network. I'm also not a fan of the fact that they can use the people's invested TRX to vote for their node. It's what we wanted to avoid with Blockchains, giving back the power to the people, instead of big companies owning the network. It's cheating away our democracy and our votes.

DappStats Widget on DApps.Buzz coming soon!

But okay, let's focus on our news because they're more exciting for us, the community, because it affects some of our projects. And at this point, I want to start thanking CryptoSID for his effort he brings into DappStats. He doesn't just manage all the marketing stuff but connects with people, always has time to get back to the people, and still finalizes the technical projects on DappStats. With Sloth and Slam in his team, he seems to be unstoppable. And I am excited because of a feature that is on the way, that will complete our reviews: We receive live stats from DappStats! Widgets and article implementations… But most important is that everybody can create DappStats widgets in the future, and implement them on their website. See the potential?

TronHorse's successful launch!

Then we had TronHorses that launched yesterday. It was fun to be there as it went online and to play a few rounds. Sadly I couldn't freeze my WINNA token in the beginning, because I have to reach Level 3 to freeze them. Now it's the question for me, try to reach Level 3, or take a look at the markets how WINNA is doing. And I think a few people are thinking about this, but the gambler, they will enjoy the game. It's fun, it's fast, but it doesn't have a good entry, it's not self-explanatory, and it's not responsive. It's the reason why we don't come up with a review right now; we let the time to adjust a bit around - But on the big screen, it's fun, looks good, I enjoy the horses running around. Even if Blazer *@*%!!

Fish'n'Chips DApps.Buzz highlight with Bent Crypto!

Fish'n'Chips on IOST launched two days ago, and we're proud to have Bent Crypto as a community author on DApps.Buzz: With him, you can enjoy some smart DApps insights without having to read. Take a look:

Announcements of announcements

Two announcements will follow soon. Because Justin Sun is not on our team, we can tell you what's going on already now.

Joke. Here we go: DApps.Buzz HQ

We have a self-hosted chat app we're beta testing. We're building a few great functionalities into the chat so that we can use it as an HQ in the future. Already now, you can use functions like calls, video chat, video conference, live streaming, groups, private groups, and so on for free. And will remain for free. Options for project groups are also available, but this is the part that has to wait until the beta test has done. But you all can join and test if you want. Your account will be safe after launch, but maybe we clear all the test messages. Let's see.

Self-hosted Giveaways

The second announcement is that we're organizing self-hosted giveaway events. Nothing special usually, but if it's self-hosted and implemented on our site, we can be sure we reach out to our reader in every possible way, so that nobody misses a giveaway. As soon it launches, you will find it for sure.

What else is worth to look into right now?

Christmas Event

Because it's December and the event is running at full speed, take a look. Daily Airdrops, buy-ins with great rewards, raffle with unbelievable prizes.

Nole Legends Beta

Nole Legends opened up some parts of their game a few weeks ago. If you take a look into it, you see how lovely they build the interface. They have two Christmas events going on right now:

DappStats & BetFury Wager Contest

12 days to go, and for the Black Friday mining, two days to go, as Slam Cryptos wrote today. So hurry if you want to join the BF event.

Farm Bell Event on Cropbytes

No question, you will love to ring others bells, and you will enjoy it if they touch yours. So don't miss this opportunity to ring others bells, because you will receive great prizes. Join the community to learn more.

Comment in the commentsbox below if you're into significant crypto events during Christmas time. Thanks for your precious time and your attention.

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