DappStats Black Friday Sale

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Starting on November 29th to the 3rd of December and going on with the holiday theme, DappStats will be selling tokens at a 50% discount.

If you're not aware of DappStats yet, now is the time to visit and see what it's all about: DappStats.com

At DappStats, we want to improve upon the previous Dapp listing models, by becoming the first Dapp listing site to give back dividends to our users.

We successfully launched DappStats a few months ago, and have been adding to and finding ways to improve the site on a daily basis.

We have been adding tons of features to our site, and DappStats is starting to come alive. We have also had very consistent dividends for DappStats for the last 4 weeks, and with our model the dividends will likely only get better from here.

Here is a link to the token sale where we currently have it at 50% off for a limited time: DappStats token sale

We also recently launched a competition with BetFury where we will be giving away 25k Tron in total with some of the funding coming from BetFury, and we will also be adding 10k DST to the competition.

That competition is starting soon, and will be a great chance to bring more attention to DappStats and give back to our users in a fair competition.


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DappStats Token Sale


Mine on BetFury

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz