DappStats and BetFury Wager Contest

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DappStats is holding a wager contest for anyone playing on BetFury using DappStats links. We will be giving away 25,000 TRX and 10,000 DST for this competition.

DappStats is a unique Dapp listing platform that pays users to use our links. DappRadar and DappReview both have referral links that they use to make money to support their websites, but with DappStats we give back to our users.

Anyone holding DST tokens is eligible to freeze for daily TRX dividends. You can get some DST tokens here for 50% off starting tomorrow through December 3rd: DappStats token sale

The competition we are having with BetFury begins on the 29th and lasts until December 15th.

The top 5 users with the most wagered will win prizes. All of the users balance for this competition will start from zero, and we will post daily stats to keep this competition up to date in the DappStats telegram group.

To be eligible for the competition you need to join with the DappStats referral link here: BetFury and then once you are logged into BetFury, you need to visit your referral cabinet.

Check your referral cabinet on BetFury, to make sure that you are using the DappStats referral link before you start gambling. Double check the address to make sure it matches the one below.

In the contest we will be giving away a total of 25k TRX plus 10,000 DST. The breakdown of the specifics of the competition are below.

The competition will last just over 2 weeks and the top prize will get 12k TRX plus 5,000 DST, 2nd place will receive 6k TRX plus 3,000 DST, third place will receive 4,000 TRX and 2,000 DST, 4th place will get 1,500 TRX, and 5th place will also receive 1,500 TRX.

DappStats will also receive 2x to all referrals during the event. So the more that anyone plays using our DappStats link to BetFury, the more that we will be able to give back to our token holders.


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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz