DApps.Buzz & the Future

How refreshing this week was for me - I had a week vacation from my day job, and I enjoyed doing nothing work-related. Well, day job work of course. For everything else, it was a quite fruitful week. I'm thankful having Slamcryptos from the Crypto Paradise team also in our internal team; He did a magnificent job keeping the DApps.Buzz content running while I was offline. But I was not wholly away. I was in the shadows of my bushes, building stuff. Stuff that we can integrate into DApps.Buzz soon, and will be super handy for a lot of our visitors.

The Beginning: Smart, and without a Lamborghini set as a goal.

"Judging a child taking his first steps for not being able to run a marathon is shortsighted."

Tyler Winklevoss

As DApps.Buzz started, initially named Swisstron eight months ago, we had just this unique team. We all knew we have different skills, that we can combine to something bigger than Voltron. Our team can cover everything to not only run a content site but everything else that is attached to the site. On my path on the Tron ecosystem, I had a few encounters with interesting people. I'm so proud to tell you that the best of them are on my team. This team is formed out of experiences we had all together. We found us on many projects, developed investment strategies, predicted almost all project outcome correctly. Not because we're super smart Cryptonians, but because we're IT guys, and our skills go hand in hand. We soon pointed out a few corrupted projects, could prove it but didn't get enough buzz to warn everybody.

The Team: An unstoppable combination of skilled people.

"A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality."

John Carmack

Investigative work in the Crypto space can only be done if every aspect that has to do with a Blockchain is covered. It means much much more than just being able to read a statistic. Our team can develop full DApps, can read Smart Contracts, plus also knows where north and south are located, even without technical help. And no, a Lamborghini is not what we're looking for. So we decided that we can make a difference here, let's to what we do internally also for the public. So we began. Our timeline was that until the end of this year, we all have our place in the team. Until then, we all knew we have other duties to follow. This didn't change, we're fully operable until end of this year, but until then, Slamcryptos and I are keeping the frontlines.

The Partnership: Exit the scam and enter the game.

"Whenever a partnership is formed, there has to be a benefit to the partners; otherwise, they don't form it."

G. Edward Griffin

As the DApps.Buzz team came together to take a look to the Crypto Paradise project, and it wasn't evident at the beginning, if it will end as a scam, or if it's for once a real project doing the right thing. So we had the factors we use to define such projects, and basically, everything that was of a technical nature was very likely to be a scam. We're all experienced since the launch of Bitcoin on our team. We saw many projects rise and fall, so we never suppress the human feeling that can come up, even if all technical signals seem to be red. I invested a lot there, and one day the founder of Crypto Paradise, CryptoSID, came up with a question: "What if we partner…". And today we're partners, sharing traffic, we have the Reviews, Dappstats has the Statistics. Because the reward system that Dappstats has built is so amazing, and the most promising dividend sharing system on the Tron Blockchain, we thought we join this partnership.

The Ecosystem: Extraordinary unusual, but surprisingly effective.

"Do you know what my favorite renewable fuel is? An ecosystem for innovation."

Thomas Friedman

Well, not much to say. You can go the way like ROIs did, unsustainable. Then you can do what everybody else does, trying to get an ROI sustainable. And in the meantime, you keep the income of your sustainable products for yourself. It doesn't matter then if the community or I fail, I will still gain money out of it. Even if it's not a scam, in the end, the investors lose, and I win. There are reasons why most of the DApps don't share their real income with the community. The sustainable income I mean, attached to a real service, or a genuine product. Crypto Paradise is on a completely different path. If the community leaves, the project also sinks. If the project fails, the community will break. So we all go hand in hand there, supporting each other. But we receive real dividend payouts, because of authentic service/products sold, the only thing I have to do, is using and spreading their platform. Nothing else.

The Future: Like now, just improved and with community rewards.

"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together."

Paul Ryan

The reason why we joined a partnership with Crypto Paradise is apparent. We share the same values and love to see the bigger picture in this ecosystem. So we decided to implement the Dappstats Statistics into our reviews, and Dappstats shares our reviews. It's basically a traffic exchange with some extras - Already until today, we worked a lot together in the background, to get DApps.Buzz launched like it is today, and of course, to also get Dappstats up and running. We're in a very exemplary flow here. So we use the same system because we have a real product and service.

We will share 50% of the DApps.Buzz created revenue with the community. You will need to freeze CPR tokens in the future, to receive the Divs from DApps.Buzz. We know already how much a CPR token can be worth, because of the fact, that every future Crypto Paradise project will do a 1:1 airdrop to the CPR holder. But instead of just waiting until new projects are released, we want to keep the token interesting. So we share our revenue with the CPR token holders.

Getting paid for using services, instead of paying for it? Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, this was the official partnership announcement between DApps.Buzz and Crypto Paradise!

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz