DApps.Buzz, BloxVault & Changes!

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, it's true, DApps.Buzz is now part of Crypto Paradise. Sorry for my accent, but yeah, deal with it if you want that news!

Ah, and of course, having DApps.Buzz, as a part of Crypto Paradise, means that I am also a part there since the second project, BloxVault, which I spoiled just everything about it. And I already told you about the third Crypto Paradise project.

But this also means that the team constellation changed. Ced, Phil, Tom, and Slam are not part of the DApps.Buzz Core Team anymore. But they are part of the community side and can collect rewards from this side. At this point, thanks so much, guys, for the support on building up DApps.Buzz and leading it to what it is today. We had zero ideas one year ago, and we developed it to something that has found it's fixed place in the Crypto community. Thanks, guys.

And at the same time, I love to welcome Sloth and Sid into DApps.Buzz Core team. And welcome myself in their team, because they don't do it, they treat me like shit! So yeah, welcome Patric, we happy to have you! Ooh, thanks for the possibility to join… Yeah, Ladies and gentlemen, move on to the video before I go Hulk entirely.

The ten days break I did, delayed everything I promised out there. No worries, I'm catching up.

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz