Dapp Overview: Gandhiji a Transparent Decentralized ETH contract

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Gandhiji is a ETH Dapp that has been running for 19 months.

Gandhiji is similar to P3D with a few main modifications including the fact that there are no ambassadors or any administrators of the contract. This is how Gandhiji is more decentralized than P3D. However, P3D has also been a good long-term contract as well which has held up.

Gandhiji is a decentralized ETH contract where any buys/sells of the IND token will distribute ETH dividends to all token holders. You only need to own 1 IND token in order to activate your Karma link.

For each IND token added or removed from circulation, the price of the next token increases or decreases automatically by a fractional amount of ETH.

Gandhiji has a ETH contract balance of 1,378 as of yesterday, and this amount has recently grown over the last few months. The contract has held a large sum of Ethereum for a while.

You can take a look at the contract here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x167cb3f2446f829eb327344b66e271d1a7efec9a

Here is a short video describing how to use Gandhiji. https://gandhiji.io/video/

Taking a look at this picture above and the video you can see how easy it is to buy/sell IND tokens. Just 1 IND token will be enough to activate your Karma link.

If Gandhiji grows to 2,000 ETH, 3,000 ETH etc, then there will be even more volatility which will also lead to better rewards for token holders. The higher balance still makes this an attractive option in my opinion.

There is a back-up exchange available that you can see when you visit their website, and you'll be able to access it when the main website is offline. This will give you a link to the github where you'll be able to connect to the Gandhiji smart contract.

Also, there is a no kyc exchange being developed for Gandhiji which will be a p2p exchange with only a credit card or ETH needed to trade.

This seems to be scheduled for the end of the month, but could take a bit longer.

1% of all buys/sells on the exchange will feed IND token holders as well. This could be a huge benefit to token holders if the exchange gets some high traffic.

Overall, I'm impressed at how long this contract has been around and that it has performed well with it's high ETH balance.

I'm looking forward to seeing what additional features may be added to Gandhiji in the near future. Please do your own research before making investment decisions.

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz