Crypto Fights-Enter the Arena Preview: 80/100

Crypto fights is a turn based 3-D fighting game running on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. When you play the game you will be able to earn XP points and gold which can be used to buy weapons and armor as you progress your character throughout the game.

Unique weapons and armor will be supported by Enjin to ensure that they have value. As you level up your fighter you’ll be able to enter new fighting arenas. Your in-game items will have value in Enjin tokens.

Here’s a quick video about what they’re working on:


The turn based engine of this game means that you will roll the dice to affect whether an attack or defend move is successful. You will be able to customize the look of your character as well as the weapons he or she wields in battle.

In this picture you can see some of the basics of how the game play works.

In the game you will have different dice rolls that will determine the way that your fighter performs in battle.

Each round is based on random numbers generated by both players. There are 3 main types of rolls within the game. Initiative rolls where you will decide who gets to play first.

Attack rolls determines if the player on the offensive will successfully hit their opponent, and the third main type of roll is the damage roll which determines how much damage will be inflicted with a successful hit.


All weapons armor and character attributes will be ensured by the blockchain, so this will prevent hacking and protect the security of the items you purchase or win through battles.

Also, in game items are able to be sold on the marketplace for Enjin tokens, ensuring that these in game items will always have some value.


Crypto Fights will be released on the Android or Google Play store for convenient mobile gameplay. If you want the best and most up to date game information you should consider joining their Discord or their Twitter. 

Crypto Fights will be a fun, fast paced and also casual blockchain fighting game with rewards in Enjin coin. Futher, CryptoFights will be powered by Enjin Coin & Bitcoin SV.


The community in CryptoFights can be seen clearly through their Twitter and Discord pages. If you look at their Twitter you can see that they still have 3,600 followers on Twitter as well as 879 members in their Discord.

On Twitter you can see that they are still making daily updates. While the main version of the game is yet to be launched their is plenty of talk and YouTube footage to get you excited for the gameplay.




Twitter: @CryptoFights