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IOST is one of the best blockchains built for developers, and it allows for completely free transactions on the blockchain by staking IOST. Also, IOST has very fast transaction speeds and anyone already using Tron won't be disappointed.

IOST also has a very active Dapp community with some new DApps coming out soon like Eternal Fafnir and more. IOST also has lower overall gas fees compared to Tron, and it has some of the highest staking rewards out there for a serious project with staking rewards on average at 11% per year.


Back to, Stack Wave is a great game because you are able to choose to risk just 10 IOST at a time. That is about $0.04 right now. This is the kind of pricing that I like to see for these blockchain games if you are just looking for a fun and casual way to play the game because not every game should have to feel like a big investment.

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Stack Wave is a fast paced block stacking game where you need to have quick reflexes to have a chance at winning the jackpots. The game seems easy, but once you start playing you'll realize how challenging it is. The blocks start moving faster and it is difficult to stack them all the way up to the top.


Stack Wave has a built in leaderboard where you will win TIX tokens even as you attempt to win the minor or major jackpots in Stack Wave. The current major jackpot last time I checked was at 18,866. And the minor jackpot was set at 1,886. You need to play at least 100 IOST for a shot at the major jackpot.

Voting for BlockArcade will also give you an additional 25% of rewards in TIX daily in case you want to vote for them as a block producer while also getting free TIX, their in game currency which is similar to tickets that entitle you to some of their available prizes.


Taking a look at the picture below you can see how to play Stack Wave with a bunch of different IOST based tokens including iTRX, TIX (the currency you get from playing the game, LOL (Emoji coin) and more.

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Stack Wave also has a simple and easy to use prize exchange that you can use simply by being signed into your IOST account. If you win 1,100 TIX then you will be able to buy 5,000 WIN for example.

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You can also exchange your IOST for more TIX and try to work your way all the up to win a StackWave T-Shirt.


Stack Wave has a growing community with a friendly an active developer known as Jason Stallings. I have had a few good conversations with him, and I can only see good things for Block Arcade.

The community over at BlockArcade is already growing nicely as several people already appreciate the retro feel and music in the game.

He has incorporated a fair game with Stack Wave that takes some skill. It's difficult to find a lot of crypto games out there that aren't just pure luck, and I appreciate that. You can play a quick game of Stack Wave for as low as 10 IOST.

BlockArcade has also recently announced that the next upcoming game will be Quantum Raffle, a lottery game with a staking feature.

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Here are the instructions to the game:

There are 3 raffles, one at 10, 100, and 1000 IOST. After 100 tickets in any raffle are sold a random winner is picked and they get 50% of the funds. The winner of each raffle also gets a jackpot token for 1 entry into the jackpot raffle.

After 10 rounds of the 3 raffles the mega jackpot is drawn from the winners of the previous raffles. Winner gets 1,000,000 TIX!

There’s also staking with a token mined by playing the raffles. With this token you stake to get entered into a side raffle. This way you can play passively.

Thanks for reading this far. There will be a special announcement soon regarding BlockArcade soon for anyone paying attention to


BlockArcade Telegram


Simple steps to setup your IOST account

Vote for BlockArcade to share 25% of rewards in TIX daily

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz