BetFury Launching November 1st

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BetFury wants to have a good start. With BetFury the goal they have is to incentivize more bets and volume on their platform by giving users up to 25% cashback on all of their losses when playing.

This picture below shows a few key ways that they plan to keep the excitement on their site. They will have a mix of house games like Dice and Plinko, and other 3rd party games.

They have a VIP ranking system, dividends, cash back, daily tasks, a low minimum bet of 0.1 TRX required, and jackpots in tons of different games.

BetFury's ranking system further encourages players to try and climb their way to the elite level as fast as possible.

With BetFury, the goal is to play your favorite games, get a part of your lost coins back, and then play again for potential bigger rewards.

The Live Casino aspect of BetFury is something that is likely to bring a lot of attention to BetFury as one of the few live casinos on Tron right now.

Here's a quick look at their Roadmap. You can see a lot of games they will be adding in the near future. Further down the road there will be new payment gateways, new coin integrations and more.


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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz