Ambassador Program - Dappstats


So you have a blog / Youtube or other content creation methods. Or you like sharing Referral links to your favourite Dapps?

Would you like help building your brand?
Join the Dappstats Ambassador team.

Dappstats are looking for motivated, creative and intuitive people. Bringing the best out of crypto and showcasing what Dapps have to offer, by working in unison with Dappstats you’ll gain access to special help, creative content, mass social media campaigns and more. Not only this you can earn whilst growing your own brand.

Dappstats will provide you with personal referral wallets to your favourite chains which you can share on your social media to generate referral revenue.

Join the telegram now to find out more: Dappstats AA (Affiliate and Ambassador) and of course our main Dappstats room to interact with the community.


ALL levels enter you into the MONLTHY BTC drop!

Level 1 – 60 / 40 – 60% to Dappstats – 40% to Ambassador. (Starting level to ensure you're committed)
Level 2 – 50 / 50 – After $250 generated (VIPs start at level 2 (vip info join today), or new users can buy in to level 2 for $100)
Level 3 – 40 / 60 for Ambassador (after $1000 Generated).
Level 4 – 25 / 75 for Ambassador (after $2000 Generated)

Dappstats Ambassador provides further incentive to push Dappstats links, growing the overall dividend pool for Dappstats and allowing you to reach your potential as a crypto influencer.

Dappstats will also create a monthly reward pool for all Ambassadors, for the first 3 month’s we’ve set aside 0.01 BTC per month (current $$ value keeps rising!), if we have a total of $250 generated in the month from all ambassadors. This will be divided to each ambassador based on the total amount they collect so getting started early could really help!

( 0.01BTC / Total amount generated * your generated amount = your share.)

Depending on the success of the ambassador program this amount could increase or decrease after the initial 3 month period. Share the affiliate program (link) with your friends today!