About Richard Heart, Scam & IOTA

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So I received a few TRX from DappStats to take a look into Richard Heart's HEX. "Did you look into HEX?" Sid asked me, "No, Bro," was my answer, and then he added, "it's Richard Heart's project." "Of course, it's Richard Heart's Project, Bro!" I answered while I was looking after Richard Heart on Google to find out who he is. I joined his community and thought okay, significant. And try to say something against him there. If you decide to work as a suicide bomber, chances are higher that you survive your job until pension there. And then there is this big controversy going on against him. "A trained scammer," "a notorious fraudster," "HEX's Richard Heart is a criminal."

There is also a whole website online called hexscam.com to keep you away from HEX. They use some statements there Richard Heart did in the past, like "Ethereum will always have more downtime than Bitcoin," or stuff like "Bitcoin will always be better than Ethereum," and so on. Basically, to show up how controversial he is. And a few more explanations why HEX is shit and doesn't work out.

But as I realized Richard Heart is that Bitcoin Willy Wonka, I instantly knew from which guy we're talking.

So my head began to turn around, and I thought what the heck am I doing here. I have to write about a Richard Heart and his HEX project that polarizes like that. With an owner that is called an arrogant asshole in many comments… Hell yeah, let's do this! Richard Heart and his project don't deserve just one article; we make a whole Richard Heart HEX week on DApps.Buzz, which we will use to find out, who is that guy, and is his project magical?

First of all, let me tell you that I never used to define people on what others say, or how they look, or how they speak. I look at what they say and what they do. And no, someone that want's to keep his name hidden from the public, and uses an artist name instead (like many actors), doesn't turn him into a scammer. And it doesn't even mean that he's an arrogant asshole when he decides to keep his judgment instead of listening to people around. And I also can imagine that having such success gives you some overall view, which people often are lacking. One of the comments was calling him arrogant I read on his opinion about IOTA last year.

Today we see IOTA got rekt. The next generation "Blockchain" that redefined trust, value, and ownership got hacked through a Trinity exploit, and funds got stolen from wallets. In the conversation, it's pretty clear who knows how IOTA works, and now it's a fact that he was right.

www.iota.org website

Now, using his "Bitcoin is better than Ethereum."-statement without any context, then criticize that he built his project on Ethereum, is super weird. First of all, it's the right Blockchain for the needed features. Secondary, the people are there. Even if Bitcoin is the better platform (in whatever meaning), for HEX, Ethereum is the right one to go. And as we see per today, the right choice.

Now that I had all the negativity, combined with my own thoughts, and also saw all the fandom, had my experiences with the platform, and others using HEX, I can start from a neutral position: Who is he? How does HEX work? About what is Richard Heart's community talking?

The next week we will dive into Richard Heart's HEX and try to answer as many questions as possible. A lot of work for next week! I love it!

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz