10 Free Plays On IOST Moon! NOW!

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

Ladies and gentlemen, after a brief IOST Moon overview I wrote a few days ago (IOST Moon Gameplay & IOST Wallet), Sid from DappStats thought he shows the stuff around the gameplay that I've shared. So let's dive into his video right away, because there you will learn how you can join IOST Moon. I mean you saw the title, you know you will get ten free IOST Moon plays! No IOST Wallet? Here you go!

Here the link to the promotion brought to you through the DappStats News Channel on Telegram. Want to be a DApps Pro? Then you should at least know what happens in the DApps sphere. So join this channel, because also DApps.Buzz buzzes first there.

If you decide to continue with IOST Moon after the ten free plays, remember that you can start with a minimal bet of just one IOST. And don't forget to take a look into the Strategy Tool, which you can use to automate your gameplay. And I can tell you, after a few days of experience on IOST Moon, it's worth taking a more in-depth look into this Strategy Tool! ;-)

Have fun and let me know in the comments box below which IOST Moon strategy you use to play, and if you're enjoying the game?

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz