We rebranded, ladies and gentlemen. From Swisstron to Tron.Buzz, because we wanted to achieve a wider audience than just the Swiss. Now, by the way, you know where my accent is coming from. And with Tron.Buzz, we saw it’s not enough, because we want to focus on DApps, without excluding other blockchains. So we rebranded to DApps.Buzz, where we can concentrate on DApps. And as soon we need more, we will… No, no rebrand anymore.

We enjoyed a lot of fame in the community; we’re working with many people. I have tons of requests. Not just for DApps.Buzz, but also for our radio station, that by the way is not called Tron.Buzz Radio anymore, but CryptoRadio.FM. So now we can focus on projects that matter. As soon as we reached the 5th of September, I will come back to you and your requests, really sorry for the delay.

We’re different than other sites because we want to have real content and concrete projects. For this, we need to move out of just the Tron blockchain. There is a lot of great blockchains out there, where the creators are a bit more interested in real projects on their baby than what we see on Tron. And the best Tron projects, unique of it’s kind, are not mentioned by the Tron Foundation, or Justin Sun, for whatever reason. We, DApps.Buzz, will be home of all this exclusive DApps that makes a difference in the DApp space – And soon people are anyways looking on our site, instead of blockchain creators.

So, stay tuned, we move on here and keep you informed.

Thanks for your attention, you’re all great, so happy we have all this together.